Help me to understand people who dye their hair

I found hair dye on the shower curtain again. The first time my partner was able to get it almost out after soaking and scrubbing. I noticed some this time on the other end of the shower curtain. At least I think it is hair dye. Maybe it is something else?

It looks like black paint smears. We just figured someone brushed their hair against it when getting in and out of the shower?

  1. Is what I am describing hair dye or something else?

  2. If it is hair dye, then is it common for people to get this on the shower curtain? I never saw any on the liner.

  3. Is this complete carelessness for not pulling the shower curtain all the way back (knowing your dye is going to stain the shower curtain)?

I need to order a back up shower curtain and try to clean the current one. I do not mind adding a house rule (to discourage carelessness) that says “Shower curtains damaged by hair dying will be charged to the guest.”


Another question:

If someone dies their hair, will the pillow case have stains that night? None of my sheets/pillow cases have had any stains like that at all.

Are these guests long term stays? I can’t imagine anyone doing this on a short stay, it’s ridiculous to do this in someone else’s home. Go to a salon!


The first stay was for one week.

The second I am not sure where it came from. I noticed it on the last guest checking out but in all fairness it was on the far right side of the shower curtain so it could have been there for some time. I usually pull the shower curtain from the left when I clean the tub…so I may not have noticed it.

The last guests stayed 3 nights. And the group before them was 2 nights (one bride and 5 bridesmaids).

Oh I bet it was the bridesmaids!
I can answer the hair coloring question.
So when I do my roots, even though my color is dirty blonde, the dye itself looks dark. You mix it with a developer and put it on for one hour while it processes.
When the time is up, you jump in the shower to rinse it off. If your shower curtain is cloth, and you are careless, it could easily adhere in streaks.

Confess I have taken my hair coloring kit with me on short trips. Can’t be seen with unkempt roots when I want to be stylish on holiday. :smile:

I’m always super super careful to cover the entire sink area where I do the application. Then I make sure everything that comes off is thoroughly rinsed away. There should be nothing left at all to make a stain on a towel.

It should never get on your pillow cases because in theory it’s all rinsed off by then.

I think it would be a little offputting to read a rule about hair dye on the shower curtain… Maybe just in your general house rules. Please don’t dye hair in our bathrooms. Thank you.

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So the black paint like streaks is exactly what it would look like if their hair brushed against the curtain while getting into the shower???

Thanks for explaining the process. You see I had pictured in my head that they went into the shower to put all the dye on and then when they were exiting it brushed against the curtain…lol. That’s why I was wondering why pillow cases and towlels have not been stained.

I’m not following the suggestion of not dyeing hair in the bathroom. Isn’t it the brushing of the hair on the curtain that is causing the issue?? I don’t really care where they do it as long as it doesn’t stain anything. I am not sure what the exact fabric is of the curtain, but it is definitely not something like a liner where it can just be wiped off. Actually…can the dye wipe off a liner?

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Yes… I think so. Plastic liners are a must?

I actually do my hair in an old shirt or skivvies just because it can get on the cloth and make a stain. Think of how hair stylists wrap you in towels and stuff.

I think in order to get streaks on your curtain, you’d REALLY have to be stupidly careless… which makes me think it could have been the bridesmaids. They wanted to look nice for the big day?

Oh…but this is the second time this has happened. That’s why I think I will add to my linen/towels section about replacing the curtain if it unsalvageable. Maybe then guests will think to pull the whole curtain back instead of brushing up against it.

The first guests to stain it were a set of grandparents, son and his wife, and a kid or two.

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