Help me plan my February holiday please!

My husband and I haven’t had a holiday in a few years, and we’re ready! He has a week off in February, so we’re looking to travel between the 17th and 26. We’re going to fly down to Ft. Myers to visit my cousin and her hubby, then we’ll travel from there. I’m looking for a destination that is no more than 4 hours from Florida, and I don’t care what country we go to if we can do the following:

Have a great place to stay with a private pool, two bedrooms, great wifi and good kitchen. We all love to cook and so we need to make sure to find a place where we can chill out and chop chop.

I’d like to spend at least a day on a beach, but I also love visiting towns and cities. We all drive, we’re all healthy enough to trek a bit, and between us, we speak Spanish, Portuguese and French.

We are looking to really enjoy ourselves and this is a rare opportunity for us to get away, so we’re not going to cheap out. I expect to pay about $300 a night for four guests in a private place.

Any suggestions? Any forum participants have a place that fits my description and want to talk?

Even if you don’t stay with us, I hope you’ll drop me a line/give me a call. Meeting you would be a Good Thing.

Fort Myers, FL

Oh cool, thanks Ken. I’ve been to Ft Myers a few times to visit my cousin, she lives in a gated community near the Slough Preserve. We’re hoping to stay just one night in FL to gather the cousin, then get on a plane somewhere fun. It would be great to chat a bit or meet in person if time allows.

Why not try Cuba? Such an amazing place.

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I’d been thinking I’d like to go to Cuba before the hordes of American tourists ruin it. I thought I’d have to hurry but now I have no idea what a President Trump is going to do. What are some things you’d recommend?

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What about Costa Rica? Never been there myself but my daughter says it’s stunning and it’s within your flight range. Or Belize? … I think we know someone who rents a tropical island there … although February 2018 might be a better bet for that!

I must be the only person in the world who didn’t enjoy visiting Cuba …

Thanks for the reply - we actually have been looking at listings in Costa Rica and trying to figure out what part would suit us best. I guess renting a car means we can do a bit of exploring. My brother recommended Belize as he’s been there a bunch of times.

I wouldn’t have hesitated to go to Cuba when I was living in Canada, it was always a cheap holiday option. Now that I live in a predominantly Cuban area and have Cubans among my dearest friends, I just can’t see myself feeling good about a holiday under that regime. I’m not at all a political person, but for some reason, Cuba isn’t feeling like an option.

Puerto Rico is another place we’re thinking about but most of the listings I see are condo’s and I’m much prefer an actual house.

I don’t think President Trump has any idea what a President Trump will do either!
So you’re not alone :slight_smile:

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Ugh. The name sends shivers down my spine. :frowning:

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I think it very much depends on your political views. The majority of people who left Cuba are those who didn’t like living under a left wing regime, and living life under strict embargo’s and blockades from the US which made life very hard for those living there.

That isn’t to say that Castro wasn’t incredibly nasty to his opponents. But then you can say that of the majority of countries that people from the US visit in South and Central America.

With the change of regime - a lot of people in the UK now feel similarly about going to the US :slight_smile:

I love so many things about Cuba - the architecture, the rum, the beaches, the cars, the people, Havana, snorkelling

Go soon, before it gets ruined.

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So Cuba is a major tourist destination for the entire globe, with the exception of Americans. Why will Americans as the last country to send tourists to Cuba ruin it?


I said to ‘Go soon, before it gets ruined’ - that’s because it is changing fast as it opens up more to outside influences and develops’. I didn’t mention the US within the context of that statement.

@Helsi You are correct. You didn’t. I filled in that blank. As someone who has never been allowed to legally visit Cuba, would you be willing to illustrate what is changing, and even, if you have a sense, why those changes are happening.

I’m the one who thinks Americans will ruin it. It’s hard to say why I think the land of Motel 6, all you can eat buffets, gas guzzlers, suburbia and Trump will have a deleterious effect but I do.


This place is calling me to it.

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Hi @anon67190644 You can go their legally. You are just restricted as to the reasons you can travel there.

There is so much online about Cuba changing, some is to do with natural evolution and some because of the opening up of Cuba to the US market with the resulting commercialisation that will occur as a result.

Here’s one of many articles on the subject