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HELP! Los Angeles regulations. I am in the dark


Help. The LA rep that I have a phone number for will not return my call. The facebook group “LA Airbnb Hosts for Fair Regulations” seems to not exist anymore. Does anyone know where it went? The people at Airbnb call center won’t or can’t help me ONE BIT!


What do you mean by ‘LA Rep’ ? @TheWormStyle - is this a host or someone who works for Airbnb?

Is there not a Los Angeles host group that you could ask if it is host-related?


The Facebook group does exist and is very active. There’s at least a dozen posts per day since July 1 with hosts panicking or angry about the regulations, so you may have to scroll through them to find posts by the more knowledgeable hosts who can tell you how to get involved to petition for changes (I.e. if you are affected by the RSO restrictions or have a vacation home or ADU). Look for posts by Sylvia Rath or Heather Carson—they are admins who are super helpful and knowledgeable.

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This seems like a good place to start: https://www.lavhra.org/

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