HELP! Impossible to message guest before accepting?

We got a trip request and the page looks different. I can’t find a way to communicate with them before accepting. 2 choices accept or decline. Is this new? We have not taken any air bookings in several weeks… Thank you in advance!

Request to book within the last two weeks still had messaging as normal. Can you post a screenshot of what you see?


Be careful that it is actually the Airbnb site, and not a phishing attempt of some description.



Trip requested

Gina wants to book a trip

“Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway” 1 Hour from Los Angeles

May 6 – 8 (2 nights)
2 guests · $485.00

Joined in May 2017

Lives in Jersey City, NJ

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Wonderful guests! Communicated and were respectful to the property! Would definitely host again!

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2 adults



Fri, May 6, 2022


Sun, May 8, 2022

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Congrats! Someone out there is hoping to call your place home for a little while. You have 24 hours to act on requests before they expire, so set up notifications to ensure you get them as soon as possible.

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It is right on the Airbnb page of mine. No app. All I see is accept or decline, no message area at all. This is uncomfortable for me as my mo is to communicate with guests pre accept.


can u post a screenshot?

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Try logging out, then clearing all Airbnb cookies and temp internet files.



When I went through the email to air portal I did see a nice note from her, on the actual email. Not on the link to Air. Now, she is confirmed. But I am still wary cuz I like to message future potential guests pre confirming. I wrote Air and that Cs seems to think we should be able to message pre-confirm.

Are you on your cellphone? If so, try your desk PC.

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No app. I always use pc. Thank you all for the suggestions, see my edited comment above this.

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Someone else reported this issue on reddit a couple of weeks ago. I hope it’s a glitch and not some sort of change to the system.

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I ran into this and had to click around in annoying way to get to the inbox to actually see guest’s incoming message and message them back. I agree something changed.

Are the interns experimenting again in various geographic areas? Like they think the host will click accept faster/more readily if there’s not a segue to do the messaging bit? Or maybe they tweaked something else and it just fell off (Occam’s razor).


The settlement in Portland will be the excuse for blocking more communication and information. This smells stinky to me…like a A/B test…and the outcome will not be good for us.

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If this is something they are testing, it makes requests pointless. They would be exactly like IB, the only difference being the host has to click on accept or decline, but would have no information on which to make that decision.

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I think it’s a glitch of some sort. If they were actually changing it, I think we would have heard more hosts talking about it, but it seems to be every once in a while for not very many hosts.

It doesn’t make sense to not be able to communicate for a request but perhaps they are working up to transitioning to IB only.

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I’m sure this was discussed in a previous topic, and my feeling is that if they could, they’d move the complete platform over to IB tomorrow.

Personally, it wouldn’t make much difference to us, we’re IB on all OTAs.

However, for in home hosts it would a complete betrayal of the folks who made Airbnb what it is now.

It’d be like killing off the egg, that ultimately hatched the golden goose.

Unfortunately, no other OTA has the market penetration Airbnb has for in home hosts, most alternatives are pretty niche and have their own drawbacks.

Only time will tell with this’un.



Not if they piss enough of us off. Quite frankly, I think a site limited to owner-on-site stays would do quite well. I’m one of many travelers who prefers to stay at a place where I can meet the actual proprietor, just like I prefer to go to owner-run free houses for a pint.

Once 90% of air is rental managers, we would probably have enough hosts to start such a site.


I know what to do now and don’t remember having to do before. Go to your INBOX. There, you can respond to guests note. Hopefully also there, you can initiate communication with a requesting guest who does not send a note.

This has happened to me the last few times I tried c to message a guest. Both were for saying that I would love to host them and will accept the request agter they upload verified ID to Airbnb. Because I couldn’t do this I had to decline. I hope this is a glitch Because airbnb is losing income from this; I refuse to be bullied into accepting.

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