Help how many days do i have to give guest review!


Can anyone help me?

how many days do I have to leave a guest review?

have been a host for over 3 years and over 100 guests. 3 of these guest I have not enjoyed staying with me so have not given a guest reviewed.

I have just had a guest that was very rude untied and did not even close the apartment door leaving wide open so anyone could walk in!

I want to wait until the last possible moment to give them a poor review. How many days do i have to post a guest review?

Cheers Fiona

Yikes Fiona. There are lots of threads about this very subject, and there are also lots of threads about it being the host’s responsibility to leave reviews for guests who are poor/dreadful guests. Reviews are for your fellow hosts, not the guest.

If you don’t already know this after 3 years of hosting, I suggest you search for relevant threads to help you out. In fact, read the lot, some in-depth.

The forum is not known as The University of Hosting for nothing.


Um, you might want to edit the title of your post …

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Thank you for your thoughtful responce!

I have edited the title.

You have 14 days from the time you get the email asking you to review. So you could review at a 13 days and 23 hours and it would be hard for the guest to write their review. Look at the time on the email.

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Lynick 4442

thank you so much this was exactlu what I wanted to know.
Much appreciated

Cheers Fiona

14 days from the exact time Air sends the first email prompting a review.


Wish I had seen it before, I’m curious…:wink:

You have 14 days to review your guests.