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Hey. Tell me please. We paid the first part of the amount for the reservation. But I can not find how to pay the second part. maybe you know?

This is a forum for Hosts, not Guests. However, we are going to need more details if you want us to help.

Where are you staying (country/city); how long are you staying. Is your host on site or not?

Normally when you make an AirBnb reservation, the amount for the entire stay is charged to your credit card immediately.


We are going to florence. 11. 06.17. We will be there for 11 days. Our accommodation is on the site. At payment it was possible to pay only half of the sum. And the second until 27 May. But I can not figure out how to pay the other half. There is no such section on the site. I’m from Ukraine and in my country there is no support service

Hello @Mosya_Mosya

Airbnb is now offering an option for some areas where you pay half on booking and the other half before arrival.

You will have given payment details when you set up your account Airbnb will automatically take the other half on the 27th using this.

The easiest way to reach them is via Twitter. Or look at Airbnb Help Centre.

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Call Airbnb. We are a group of independent hosts. We,can’t answer specific customer service issues. This site is in no way affiliated with Airbnb.

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Read carefully the email you received when you booked. It should have the details.
It may also be that your card is automatically charged?
If after carefully reading the email you still not sure, call up Airbnb!

What intrigues me is that people today seem to have some sort of fear or phobia about the phone. All over the internet I see questions about Airbnb (hosts and guests) that could be so easily answered by quickly calling Airbnb. Or looking at the help section of the website.

But no. Seek out an Airbnb forum, register, post and wait for replies that may or may not be accurate - except for the ones that say call Airbnb! :slight_smile: