Help! Guest instant booked for 1 night next week, but...booked with no ID, the picture of himself is a truck and he paid with a 3rd party credit card

This guest instant booked my beach house for 1 night next Wednesday. I had 1 night available for the month of June. He was able to book with no credentials and his picture is of a truck. I texted him send me a picture ID, front and back. He did immediately. So, I tried to do my own background check and the address on his ID says it went into foreclosure 4 years ago, now owned by bank. He’s no where on social media, nor anywhere on Google. It’s just for 1 night, but…I’m feeling a little nervous. I am no detective, so I don’t want to be paranoid. Also, Airbnb said he paid with a 3rd party credit card. Seems fishy to not give Airbnb credentials, no picture and pays with a 3rd party credit card. What to do? Keep and pray. Or, cancel…with the option that I do not feel comfortable with this guest.

Cancel!! You can do so penalty free with instant book.


I would take the booking.


You can set up instant book to require GOVT ID, or/and positive review. I would make this change if you would get concerned about a guest like this.


Yes, I will do this going forward.

I just looked to see what I required. I already had it set up that they had to issue a Gov ID. I don’t know how this slipped through. I’m thinking of asking him to submit it through Air’s verify, instead of sending me the photo. I’m betting he cancel instantly too.

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You could call Airbnb customer service, see what they suggest.

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Yes, I did. All they said was that I could cancel if I was uncomfortable. I’m not happy they let them book without a Gov ID, even though that is my requirement.

You don’t actually get to see the ID. Look under their name on verified info, see it it says Govt ID.

Get Airbnb to cancel for you.

I would cancel this with Airbnb. I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with this, and if this is the only free night you have in June, do you need to take this risk?