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Help for two properties in two remote locations?

Hey, I’m Akis, we manage two properties in two different locations in Greece (two different islands) and because they are very different we need to setup a different process for each one of them as there are different requirements, a different cleaning person etc…

Has anyone else come up with any processes or ideas, or tools for doing that better?


Hey Akis, smart locks could be eliminate the hassle of managing keys and get you one step closer to superhost status.

Dude. No spamming. This isn’t the place for it, ok?


I also have a remote property and don’t quite know how to manage it. I have a local cleaner but she’s old and not really into doing the Airbnb greet thing.
The smart lock idea wouldn’t work at my place either as each room has an external access.

I’m interested to see what people come back with.

I guess you need to find a good local cleaner that can do some extra

Maybe your first port of call would be to see if there are any other Air hosts that are in the same boat as you?

Perhaps have a look on Air there other hosts listings and private message them?

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Except cleaning, not so much work that can t be done by distance.
You just need someone that can be there in case of problem.

sorry did not mean to offend.


We manage two props remotely, one we have a prop manager for and the second we have cleaners and a lock box. The latter is obviously more problematic, but I dont want to pay 20% for properties management companies when I can usually problem shoot. We are looking into smart locks bc some idiot just broke the lock box

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