HELP! Airbnb made a $50k tax mistake on my account!

Airbnb just released our 1099 tax form and it has over $50k worth of taxable income assigned to the wrong tax payer (my husband and I are freaking out)

We tried calling into the airbnb host helpline and nobody is able to give us an answer on fixing this document. We’re super concerned - the incorrect taxpayer is an ailing parent and we need to make sure that the income is assigned to us and not her SSN.

This is especially frustrating given the timeline. Tax season is approaching and Airbnb support for tax issues seem non-existent.

Does anybody have a direct contact or escalted phone number to Airbnb to address these sort of issues? If they’re not able to fix it - what are our options?

Hello I am sorry this happened.

Did BNB confirm when you called them, that they are looking into this? You can only go through the number you have already called - they should already been escalating this for you.

I can only suggest you contact them via social media to chase and regularly call them back until the situation is resolved.

How were they able to get your ailing parents tax details if they aren’t associated with the listing?

I would imagine with the high value of your listing (to be paying over 50K in tax) you will have an accountant, so I would definitely contact them about this.

50k in taxable income not 50 k in tax

I can only imagine that whoever entered your tax information when you were setting up your listing made the mistake. What a mess! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. 1099s get amended all the time.

Hi @Romaga thanks for the note! Have you had experience with airbnb amending your 1099 before? Any tips on how I can get this done?

Not with Airbnb. I’m no tax expert, but I believe what you need them to do is twofold: a) get them to file an amended 1099 for your mother showing 0 income; then b) you need them to issue a 1099 to you showing the $50k in earnings. I believe there’s a deadline for the initial filing of 1099s, and it may have just passed, but who cares.

Is there any information on the 1099 as to who prepared it? Is there a return address, name, or phone number you can google? I wouldn’t be surprised if this process was outsourced to an accounting company.

I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone to help!

They did that to me the first year we hosted. When we started hosting my husband was the payee. When my unemployment ran out we switched the payee to me. I called the phone number on the 1099, not the general “support” number. At first the customer service agent refused to correct the error. I was angry as there are penalties for collecting unemployment while you are collecting income. I told the representative that they didn’t have my social security number when my husband was the payee and that I planned to call the IRS and talk to them about Airbnb’s error. The representative conceded that he would issue a new 1099. There was another error which he refused to fix. We had a guest shorten her stay. The 1099 reflected the initial stay, not the shortened stay. The representative insisted that a refund to a guest is an expense to Airbnb not a reduction of the income to the host.

@EllenN Thanks for the response! We tried calling their tax department today and was put on hold for over 30 minutes before somebody answered. After a lengthy back and forth - the representative told us to wait for an airbnb rep to send us an email. Do you happen to have the number that you called handy?

Hi Shawn,

I don’t have the number on hand as I no longer receive a 1099. The number was on the 1099 I received. Hopefully it’s on yours. They made a huge mistake on yours so if I were you I would call back and tell the representative that you want to sort it out immediately so the the misinformation doesn’t get reported to the IRS.

Ah ha - we don’t have that system here in the UK as we declare our own taxes rather than BNB doing or other third party doing it.

Regardless 50K in income is quite a sum. Many here would have help from an accountant if dealing with that sort of income to help minimise tax and ensure income and expenditure were properly accounted for.

However I appreciate in the US it might work differently.

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I have someone else social security I contacted them on Facebook Instagram customer service they say they will not fix and my accountant have to fix they are really stupid

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