Hello - new to this forum

Glad to find this forum. We host a handful of properties in New York area for airbnb guests and other guests. Looking forward to share our experiences…

  • unfair guests
  • lack of Airbnb’s biased attitude towards guests
  • supplies - what to provide?
  • check in/out
  • lost keys

And list goes on…

Welcome! I’m fairly new here as well. Do share the challenging things you’ve encountered. I’ve seen there’s a great number of experienced hosts here ready to provide you with multiple points of view for any one issue.

As well do share what you’ve found successful. I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that we’re always on the lookout for ways to integrate great practices.

Good luck!

I have lot of experiences. I have close to 10 properties I host with no minimum nights and have lot of guests + lot of experiences - good and bad. Demanding and not demanding guests, easy and tough guests, honest and dishonest people…, Unforgettable and forgettable…

Welcome to both of you !! Hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile: