Hello - New member, new Host and a very important question about my Treehouse

Good Morning,

My name is Kieran from (currently) sunny Devon in the UK and our Air bnb listing has just gone live, we have a luxurious 2 guest (adults only) Treehouse on the North Devon Coast.

My Question Is, considering we are so unique, quite pricy (but worth it) and although we are in a very touristy area with great Air bnb occupancy rates, we are in a lovely small village, not the main “woolacombe”, How do we get people to find us!

We are hidden within 100’s of 5/6 bed cottages, quite often on page 5/6 by the time you see us!

Can we promote our listing?

Back in the olden days you used to able to tag buildings as Treehouses, or boats, or Apartments, now that functionality has been removed, how do we stand out as a truly unique option for special occasions?

Thanks for your help


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If you have a look on the Airbnb Help Centre they have an article on how Airbnb decides what ranks on their listing. That might help you look at what you can do.

I am surprised as a new listing that yours is not towards the top, particularly in an area that has limited accommodation available in the summer months.

You can of course set up your own website and then use Google Ad words and other marketing to promote it.

What did your local/Devon Tourist Board suggest?

Keep doing small edits to uprank your listing. Do you have instant book turned on?

Kieren, be sure to promote your listing as much as you can yourself. Remember that Airbnb has millions of properties so whether hosts like it or not (!) it can be largely up to us to promote our listings ourselves - especially to begin with,

Use the internet as much as you can. Social media can be excellent. Can you make a video of your listing on your phone that you can upload to You Tube and promote/ Write articles aboutr your listing and take great photographs - submit them to travel or local websites.

Contact organisations that have members who might be interested in your unusual listing. (Birdwatchers? Honeymooners? Babymooners? Nature lovers? Naturists???)

It sounds incredibly romantic so write an article about the romance of the place. Offer packages (if people quote a certain code word when booking they get a bottle of champagne ready on ice and awaiting them … or whatever).

Lots of things you can do. :slight_smile: