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Hello everyone, first time renting was yesterday


Just wanted to say hi. I have already received a lot of useful info from this site and hope I can contribute some in the future. I have only had one stay so far with two more booked. Still learning the ropes but it’s been fun so far. Talk to y’all soon


Good to ‘meet’ you. Bryan. I’m glad that the site has been of use to you. If you’ve got questions, just ask away :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!
There are some awfully nice and wise people here but you probably already know that!

I too really appreciate the many helpful posts and replies :blush:


Hi there! I’m fairly new myself and have two bookings under my belt and 4 more on the horizon. I’ve learned a lot from this forum as well. It has been such a good wealth of information. Best of luck with hosting!


Welcome @bryan114 and @nolabelle !

Lots of good resources here we are looking forward to your contributions.


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