Heir B & B! Heir to the throne becoming a host?

Prince Charles is becoming a host. Should we ask him to join us here at the forum?



How do you know he isn’t already here?


Yikes Jess. You’re probably right. He’s probably been gathering tips :slight_smile:

We should make an effort to talk about providing organic breakfasts! Perhaps provide Airbnb experiences of conversations with plants.

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I wonder if @Fahed is the heir in disguise? He has a luxurious property in London, I think…

Yes, talking to plants, composting toilets, all those good things… :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that be a blast … the Queen checking in the guests? Shsh … probably had to evict the party crowd too. Getting a fast start on the learning curve.

She’d have those Beefeaters to back her up. I need a pair of those… :slight_smile:

Was I that obvious??? :joy: :joy: :joy:


There was an hilarious bit on The Good Place a couple of weeks ago when Tahani bought her friends back to her palatial “AirBnB” who were gobsmacked: “Holy crap Tahani! You got this place on AirBnB? Wow!!!”. To which Tahini replied: “No I see your misunderstanding. I got it on HeirBnB H-E-I-R which is a site for extremely rich people like me to swap their palaces and country houses”.

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