Heating on throughout the night

I usually sleep when the temperature is 75 or above (in Florida with no AC) so in the UK i would definitely expect that the heating was working overnight. And it’s not just for sleeping purposes - there’s popping to the loo in the middle of the night to take into account too.

Ours is a separate rental and guests have control over the AC. Sometimes after guests have left the AC is set to 65 or something equally ridiculous and if they’ve stayed for a couple of weeks it’s certainly reflected in the bill. Others have it set to 85 so it balances out in the end. I like being able to offer guests the temperature that suits them and after all, the utility costs are taken into account when working out the per night pricing.

So when you say compromise do you mean I should have left the heating on throughout the night for the 4 days he was here? virtually all the time then… I have just paid £365 for gas for 3 months including putting the multi fuel stove on the colder days, never mind my electric bill of £155 for 3 months. Maybe I should have charged more for the room as he was willing to pay the hotel he went to an extra £20 per night… Most people regardless of where they live have the same perception of whether its hot or cold…unless of course they are from the Antarctica or Libya then they tend to notice a little more than others:slight_smile:

In most hotels I’ve stayed at there’s been a thermostat in the room so the guest can control their own temperature. I respectfully disagree that people throughout the world have the same perception of cold. Here when I’m wearing socks, sweater and scarf (when it’s below 75 or so) I see our guests sunbathing in bikinis. :slight_smile:

Sorry when its 75 you are wearing socks, scarf & sweater:confused:

I completely disagree with your assertion. What I’ve experienced leads me to believe that the temperature people are used to because of where they live greatly influences whether they feel cold or hot. We’ve had guests from Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. who feel cold in Los Angeles, CA (which is known for temperate weather). Our guests from Ukraine, Russia, England, Canada, etc. find Los Angeles to have lovely weather and the perfect temperature.

Just back from Thailand & everyone I met from the USA, India, China all agreed it was hot, even our Thai friends agreed it was hot…

Ah are you in Scotland? Because it’s freaking cold in Scotland !

And yes people’s perceptions of temperature are based on what they are used to, because your blood thins or thickens accordingly. That’s why people from hot countries feel cold in what I would consider relatively normal temperatures.

I have seen Scottish girls bare legged in mini skirts while I was shivering in a huge coat and mittens. And I remember saying to my other (equally cold) London friends … how is that possible when we all live in the same country?

No Birmingham windy but mild… Its was 7C at midnight here on Monday when this happened…The guy who stayed was from London. When I was young I never worn a coat in the winter as it would have been a hassle. Young people don’t care about the cold when they go out to be fair… a few drinks and they feel nothing:grin:

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Sad but true :slight_smile:

I’m from the UK but I’ve lived in South Florida for 23 years. My body’s thermostat has adapted.

When I go to the UK in the summer, I have the same situation in reverse. People are walking around in shorts and t-shirts but I’m wearing a coat. They think that a temperature in the seventies is warm but below 75 is too cold for me. Everyone is different. :slight_smile:

I should point out that this event occurred in my early twenties. So I guess the point of the story is …everyone feels the cold differently…

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7C is 44.6F. That is considered my most people I know too be too low an ambient temperature to be comfortable. If it got that cold in our house we would lower, but not turn off, the heat while we were sleeping.

I suspect it was 7 outside… and likely to have dropped to about 15 inside …

Yikes! That is SO cold.

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That wasn’t the temperature in my house!! that was the temperature outside at Midnight… ( good job he wasn’t camping I guess) yes its pretty cold hence why I had the heating on from 7.00am to 11.30pm Actual Temp on Monday OUTSIDE
12° /5°
Hist. Avg.
9°/3° during the day…

If I can get through all the snow & ice in the house will be going to bed now without the heating on like the average person in the England:sleeping:

Thanks for the comments, but I feel exhausted, forgot what forums are like :pensive:

p.s he has come back as he said my house is so warm compared to the hotel… :wink:

I understand those that say we should make all efforts to ensure our guests are comfortable but guests also have to adapt to the norms of wherever they are staying. It is not usual to have heating on all night in the UK unless the temperature outside goes below freezing. Gas and electricity is hugely expensive here, the vast majority of us just can’t afford to have heating on all the time.


What about a compromise of offering a space heater upon request? Regardless, I think if you fully disclose what a guest can expect for temperatures and climate control, you should be set. Then again, if this guest was an anomaly, then maybe it’s not worth mentioning in your listing.

Nothing like a warm reception.


@Tricia_Morris We have similar complaints about our aircon in Barcelona, mainly from Americans who are not use to splits. They dont understand why there is no central AC and why it isnt on 24/7. Well 1. we are in Europe and electricity is bloody expensive 2. If you are not in the flat and close the shutters I promise u even on our 33+ days you will still come home to a nice cool flat, bc shutters!!! 3. This isnt your American Suburb tract home, if you wanted that you should have stayed there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 4. Be lucky there is air con, many flats in Barcelona dont even have it bc you know they were built in 1600-1800

Not sure you can tell but I have had with temperature complaints from guests. Especially in August in Spain, when guests ‘dont realize how hot it gets here’. Imma file that under not my problem :innocent::innocent::innocent:


Good point @azreala, though in this case the offending guest is a Londoner :slight_smile:

I saw that. So odd.

In San Francisco we dont have air con, bc its not needed and I litterally dont know a single person there that has it (even in the fancy $5m victorians). Many hotels dont even offer air con in SF. Im sure you see where this is going, we have had multiple people ask ‘how to turn on the air con’, I think the last was a group from LA, to which I always reply we dont have it but feel free to open windows. Im fairly certain I could hear there gasps all the way in Spain.