Heating and plumbing breakdown insurance in UK - anyone got it?

Hi hosts, we are relatively new hosts and have so far had no luck finding insurance cover for emergency repairs if the gas central heating breaks down or in case of a plumbing disaster. Has anyone in the UK had better luck? Any advice welcome.

Here in the States (this is an International forum) we are required to have “homeowner’s Insurance” or “renter’s insurance” (if you rent and are wise). These policies cover such emergencies. Surely you have something similar in the UK.

British Gas certainly offer such a service.

Most home owner insurance plans do not include the mechanical systems, just the damage done by the malfunction. So, won’t replace the water heater, but will pay for the water clean up. It is possible to get additional coverage for “wear and tear” but it is very expensive. One generally does better to simply ensure that you are saving approximately 10% of your house’s value each year to take care of home maintenance.

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I pay for an annual maintenance plan for HVAC service, which theoretically puts me at the top of the queue for emergency repairs

UsS and UK are not that dissimilar in Insurance, neither are maintenance contracts.

Usually it is not cost effective YMMV.

Perhaps I should clarify - I have been looking around but the only policies I can find cover either owners who live in their homes full time, or tenanted properties on residential leases which in the UK is a minimum of six months. What I’ve been unable to find are policies which cover homes used for holiday lets, hence my question.

Hi, I haven’t looked into up to date detail yet ( current policy running until March…) but you could speak to the NFU. They have policies covering all sorts of scenarios, given that farmers have diversified over the past couple of decades into STRs. And you don’t have to be a farmer either; they just have the policies.

Have you asked an insurance broker?

Thanks Joan, I will follow that idea up