Heated Pool Hours

Hello, new to this board and hosting. I rent a home with pool. Questions:

  1. Do you charge extra for heating pool?
  2. What do you set temp at and how long do you run the pump/heater?
  3. Since on the AIRBNB site I say that I have heated pool, does that mean that it should be heated 24 hours a day?

Currently have temp set at 87 degrees and run heater/pump for 12 hours each day - 9:00AM - 9:00PM. Guest asked to be run till 12:00 midnight.

Thank you for your feed back

I would do a google search for Airbnb house with pool in your area and see what others with pools are going. At the end of the day your place your rules.

You could always charge extra if he wants it open till midnight as long as you are not concerned about pool parties and impact on your neighbours.

Yes, most hotels in Europe shut their pools about 8pm because of disturbance and the dangers of swimming after an evening meal and alcohol. Surely the pool doesn’t cool down that fast? What about a cover to retain heat overnight?

In my area pools are mostly heated with heatpumps and solarpanels or solar collectors.
So most of them switch off pumps and heating after sunset to conserve energy.

I would stick with the 9AM to 9PM.
And put it in your houserules, also put it in the extra remarks.

But tell them heating until 12 is possible, but they have to pay extra for it.

In my listing I have stated that we do not heat the rooms from 1st of Mai until end of September.
If a guest wants me to turn on the heating they will have to pay extra.

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We are the Poolside Cabana With Gourmet Flair. Our pool is solar hot water heated – pool water is pumped to black coils on the roof, gets solar heated and then pumped back into the pool. We can keep pool temp between 80 and 92 year around.

We certainly do NOT charge to “heat the pool”. IMHO that’s really tacky-cheap. Either it’s heated, or it’s not. Heating the pool is a cost of doing business for your listing.

My understanding is that even with an electric pool heater it would take a LOT of time to heat thousands of gallons of water even a few degrees, hardly worth the effort to turn the heater on/off. BTW 85F is the recommended “ideal” temp, not 87F.

Most people I know with heated pools leave them heated year round, and use a cover to help retain the heat during the cooler parts of the year (as do we). A good electric heater can be set for a variety of heating arrangements depending on the volume of your pool and your day/night temperature fluctuations.


it is common in our area to charge for pool heat.
Between $50 per day up to $500 per week, or any price in between.
Nothing tacky about it. It costs a lot of money to heat the pool.


Thank you for all the responses. Forgot to mention, I am in South West Florida, Naples area and pool covers don’t seem common here. Since I am new at this, for now will not charge extra. Will re-access a few months later once I have had a few guests.

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I kind of thought that the idea of a pool is to cool off in hot weather? Very few private pools in Spain are heated and 85F (which I think is 30C?) sounds warm to me. Our pool gets shade and so it rarely gets above 25C! All you Floridans would freeze in our pool!

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I definitely would! I prefer pool water to be hotter than bathtub water - that’s lovely :slight_smile: