Heat Debate - temp setting

Usually I find this problem with summer AC. Thoughts on heat set at 75F? Seems excessive to me. Current guests must like it warm.

Heat at 75F is excessive??? Where do you live? The Arctic Circle?

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I hate to be cold. I live in El Paso, TX. I can’t imagine setting my heat, or anyone’s heat, to 75. When it is 73-76 inside in the winter here, due to outdoor warmth or lots of dogs in the bedroom or running a heater it’s take off the jacket warmth.

Are these folks walking around inside in shorts and sleeveless tops?

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I have my Ecobee thermostat set for a max of 72. Yes 75 is excessive IMO


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Property is in Wisconsin where it actually isn’t that cold this week. People are from Atlanta so must be part of it.

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I checked temps online and I agree. If it were frigid outside I might crank up the heat inside initially on re-entering the rental. But overall, it seems excessive to me.

Since it’s a paying guest you probably just have to eat it and maybe mention it in the review. Or it makes up for all the people who cost less than expected over the year on HVAC costs.

It’s my slow season. So not all bad.

Def. depends where they are from. And also, they aren’t paying. :joy:

I could sit around the house and crank up the heat and not be moving. I noticed that my heat/AC depends on outdoor weather. Setting the heat to 75 is going to feel different if it is actually 65 outside versus if it is 20 degrees outside. Same with A/C. One temp will feel different depending on outside weather.

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We find it comfy at 72-73 but guests will change the temp and it varies. Some guest will turn it down to 68 and others turn it up to 78 and then open windows! We have been considering putting a cover over the termostat so they can’t mess with it.

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A/C at 62 F or 17 cel, …now that is excessive, especially when digging out a heavy down duvet.
Limiting your thermostat to your preferred setting either way is problemetic and won’t make for happy guests. Something about the comfort level. Plenty of posts on the forum about that.

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I am considering a cover as well or a remote controlled one. I have electric heat and it went through the roof last winter with a tenant who kept it a balmy 75. I ask that guests turn it down when they go out, but that rarely happens. Same with the a/c in the summer.

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When I went in the house to turn it over after a recent guest the heat was set at 80! It was sweltering. I had to turn on fans and open windows to get the temperature down to a decent level.

That said, I do not try to limit my thermostat - I don’t think it will happen often enough to warrant limiting all of my other guests’ use of the AC/heat.


We have never agreed on temperature and we never will. Big people prefer a lower temperature whereas small people need the heat. Some want a/c, some hate it. Arghhhh!

Yes! Have had this happen several times. They crank A/C down and then pull out the heavy, and very comfy winter duvet. And that’s on top of the thin coverlet and top sheet. :joy: But like you, don’t limit it.

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I purchased a locking cover for my thermostat. I have really not felt comfortable locking it, though, because I have a hard time looking an adult in the eye and telling them they’re not allowed to touch the thermostat. I mean, older people do get cold. Larger groups heat up the place. I think the key might be communicating with your guests, making sure they’re comfortable, and if they’re not seeing if there’s a way that you can help them to be comfortable without breaking the bank. My place is a lower level which might get chilly if I don’t monitor it carefully. I provide extra blankets, heaters (which are a hazard, I’m aware) & fans. The space heaters don’t get used very often but the fans are always in use. In fact, I might take the space heaters out.

The nest thermostat (and probably others) is great because it will sense when they have left and can reduce energy usage while they are out.

Since getting that I like being able to tell Most guest to set it to their comfort and not worry about it when they leave.


We have two Nest thermostats. And they do regulate themselves to use less energy if we’re gone. But I thought the Nest was responding to the fact that our cell phones are gone when it does that. If that’s the case, I don’t know if it would react to the guest’s cell phone being gone.

Am I wrong about that?

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That’s why people have Nest thermostats and covers, so they don’t have to do that. :wink:

But seriously, I have no problem telling people of any age what my parameters are and setting up my rental so that they can meet those parameters. If that means conserving water or other resources, fine. Were all on the fast ferry to the climate apocalypse as it is.


In my opinion 75F is excessive. I like it 70F or 20C. I can take 65-68F any time. I start to sweat at 72F.
From what I’ve noticed people from warmer climates set it up higher whereas people from colder climate set it up lower.
I have a remote one. I glance at it now and then throughout the day and set it to 72 if I see they set it to higher. Same at night. Same in winter.
I only mention in reviews people who would set it to 80F when outside is 1F and vice versa. You get the idea.

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Absolutely true. This is the second topic on the subject in the last few days. A temperature of 75 is way too cold for me. My brother, on the other hand, sets his AC to below 70.

I let guests control the temperature. (Separate apartments, so easily done.)

Yes, there will be people who set the AC to a stupidly low temperature and open the windows (no doubt in order to cool down the entire state of Florida) then there’ll be others who just don’t use it. It balances out in the end as long as you’ve taken it into account when setting your nightly price.