Health and Safety Inspections

Are health and safety inspections required where you host? If so, how often are they done?

Nope not for a 3 bed terraced.

Not required, but you get a tax incentive if you get inspected every 5 years.

The inspector checks that everything in the rental is “working, clean and in good condition” and that you have the appropriate characteristics and equipments to host the number of guests you declared in your application, following a list of 112 criterias (from the square footage of the rooms to the placement of light switches or the presence of a salad spinner).

Not required where we are in Ohio (US).

To be subject to inspections, we’d have to run a licensed B&B. Here, that means a minimum of six rooms and a B&B license. And we couldn’t be located in the neighborhood where we are. A B&B here must be on a more highly traveled street, with a paved parking lot. And then a whole lot of other restrictions and taxation apply.

To do STR here with fewer than six rooms, we need only a business license, which we already had from our photo business. We’re subject to no taxation (except of course income tax).

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But it may be a relevant topic once more.

It hasn’t been required but maybe it should be. Maybe that’s another benefit of this crisis down the road. That is, the benefit could be there but I also know most many local inspectors are lazy and corrupt and passing inspections can be a matter of payoffs, not clean and safe.