Hawaii County-Big Island Airbnb's are still a non essental business

Governor Ige and Mayor Kim still considers STVR in Hawaii as non essential. The order is due to expire on June 30th. Governor Ige has stated the order will be extended past June 30th but has declined to set a new expiration date.
I did a search on the travel side of Airbnb today and found numerous hosts listing their properties available for June. The order states that violators will be fined up to $5,000. I don’t understand why Big Island hosts can flagrantly violated the order with no repercussions from the county or state.
The State and counties are already scrutinizing STVR in Hawaii. These host only prolong when we can all legally open in the future not to mention the safety and health of our community.

Did Hawai’i drop the quarantine? Alaska kept ours, 14 days if you haven’t either tested negative 72 hours before arrival or 5 days if you test negative at the airport, IF testing is available.

So everything is empty here during our high season.

OF COURSE AirBnb’s a non-essential! Just like Florida you aren’t bribing your government nearly enough to be significant in their eyes.

The 14 day quarantine is still in effect for all out of state visitors. The state is still trying to come up with a plan for out of state visitors.

The state and counties have made it clear that hotels and resorts will be allowed to open before Airbnb properties. They don’t want the average person to come to Hawaii. They prefer rich tourist that send lots of money. We think everyone should be able to come and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii.

I had to overnight in Honolulu on the way to NZ, and found Oahu way too crowded and expensive for me. If I come back I’ll probably stay with friends on Maui and the big island. I don’t travel to see crowds or most cities.