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Have you taken a break and returned to hosting?

Have any of you successfully taken some time (months or more) off from hosting and come back to actively listing?

What was your experience?

Yes we took off two years after we were stopped by our HOA in CA, we are back to hosting in NYC and are enjoying it but we block times at random just to have a break, blocked this weekend it’s my birthday but booked next weekend and two bookings in August.

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I’m taking a break for remodeling and the slow season is really imposing it on me anyway. It really is a good thing to do to avoid host burnout!

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Yes kona, can I book for tomorrow! :money_mouth_face:


I have to clean up the apartment from my kids lolling around it all month!!!
We’re are seriously discombobulated because this is a kitchen remodel. All of our kitchen stuff is literally out on the front lanai under a canopy. If the Klampetts had a yard sale… :smile:

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