Have you seen this before?

He has 14 5 star reviews and they all have [Guest] inserted where his name should be. His name shows on his profile as well as his review of the hosts.

[GUEST] was a wonderful guest. Easy to communicate with, respectful, and left the house very clean. I would recommend [GUEST] as a guest.

Must be an airbnb glitch like telling hosts incorrect percentages on the progress tab.

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Yeah, does sounds like a glitch. Airbnb filters and hides emails and links in Airbnb app messages. Do they also filter/hide content in reviews? If so, I wonder if the guest’s username matched the filter and was hidden.

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Hmmm, could be. But his name is Ryan, pretty simple name.

Yeah, I don’t see any reason to filter/hide that name either.

Circling back around, if the guest doesn’t identify with a gender [GUEST] is substituted for name as well as the “he, she” language