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Have you received a tax email from FK?

Did anyone else receive this from Flipkey? And you have already been being paid from FK for years? It does have my correct account ID in the email so I don’t think it is a scam. But of course I am trying to avoid calling them, as I know they are going to spike my blood pressure.

"As a US-owned company, FlipKey is required by US tax laws to collect some basic tax details before we can pay you—even if you live and rent outside the United States.

Don’t worry, we’ve made things easy. Simply answer three questions to find the right tax form for you before December 01, 2016. It’ll only take a few minutes."

I just received the same email, I haven’t done anything about it yet. I’ll go right to the site rather than click on links, let’s see what happens!

Please keep me posted if find anything out. Hopefully it is a glitch. I don’t recall filling anything out each year.

But I see my missing FK reviews have reappeared since yesterday…sigh…

I always thought it was weird that FlopKey never asked for tax ID information before.

Hmmm…so you don’t receive a 1099 K from Flipkey? I have received one 2 years in a row so they have the tax info already.

I wonder if they are just sending out a blanket request to everyone, and hopefully capture those they don’t have info on? It’s not like they are required to send me a 1099 K, and they already pay to my bank account. I am afraid to touch anything on their site.

No, they never reported me before and they don’t have my tax ID info.
I don’t book through them though. I try to steer inquiries to Air and have been successful doing this at least twice.

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