Have you heard of new booking App Overnight?

I read an article recently about a new booking app called Overnight. A guest last minute can request a place to stay tonight. Guests post a broadcast to the area that they are in town looking for a place to stay, then hosts in the area can see your broadcast and decided whether they want to contact you about booking. I thought it seemed like a cool idea for last minute booking but also seems like an easier way for a renter, forbidden condo owners or scammed to post their apartment short-term without being totally out there.

Has anyone used the hosting or guest app yet?

Sounds like a great way to fill gap dates. Do you know how many users are on it?

You can go and search your area as a guest. I am in Boston and there’s always 3 apartments available. It started in SF (like all great things) and there’s 49 there and there’s 105 in Austin. Seems like they highlight those as the biggest markets.

Just signed up. Nothing for miles around!

yes i work for them pleases sign up here i a promotion code and


Enter my invite code MARYJANE609 on the app to get $25 free credit.

enter code : maryjane609 for 25$ off or they will give you 25 dollars when hosting your first night

Apple only? No such app that I can find for Android…

I found the app, but I’m unable to use your promotion code. I’ve already set up my listing. Can someone see if it’s actually there? Look for a place in Minnetonka, MN please.