Have you had any wtf guest moments?

Ok so I just had a guest leave today seemed normal, polite family, 2 teenage daughters. House looked clean on the surface but as I start cleaning I am starting to freak out…

Ok so first they took the duvets off the beds (no prob) and on the ground is another duvet cover, I had a spare duvet cover inside the locked room of the house, I swear it was in there I haven’t used it for a few months and I’m just standing there wondering if I’m going crazy like how did they get it out of the locked room? so technically the room is not locked but I remove the handle so u can’t get in the room without it unless you really really tried. so it’s possible they got in but who would do that?
I also told them not to go in the hall cupboard and the took out my personal books and read them.

Second everything and I mean everything is sticky, the bath, the light switches, every kitchen cupboard front, every plate and dish and knife and fork? Like how does this even happen? I had to wash every single thing, the kitchen took me 2 hours to clean!

Third the bin was filled was mushed up fruit not even in bags they just filled the outdoor bin up into a sloppy wet mess? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

Fourth they took down some of the smoke alarms and took out the batteries ? :scream::scream::fearful:

Do I leave them a bad review?:thinking::thinking:

Have you had any weird things guest did? What did you do?

I would definitely mention the smoke alarms as this is a fire risk. Were they smoking?

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Yes. They sound weird. And not respecting your private stuff is bad, all by itself. You could post drafts here so people could comment.

I had one guest who did more weird stuff than any 10 other guests combined. And I left him a bad review, but only selectively reported stuff, because otherwise the review would have been overlong. You might want to pick and choose the bad stuff - things which are definite violations of the house rules, and will make other hosts take notice.

E.g. one weird thing that guest did was put a glass bear bottle in the deep freeze. It broke/exploded when the beer froze, and there was a pile of broken glass and frozen beer in the deep freeze. That particular item didn’t make it into the review. There was plenty else to talk about.

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Sticky everything sounds awful!
Smoke Alarms - that is a serious issue too! The fact they didn’t put them back up is odd.
Good luck with composing the review. What a pain in the butt it is to have to deal with these types of guests.

WTF moments?
I am new and hosting my 14th set of guests for whole house rental.
My current guest has been asking odd questions since her first inquiry. Like she never read my listing. I even came to this forum to ask for advice on how to handle her. Your responses were helpful and she booked herself and 8 nurse friends for a 3 day get together.

I ask if anyone is celebrating a birthday. So far have had a few successful birthday stays. She says “no but can pretend haha”,
I baked a fresh batch of brownies prior to their arrival while preparing the house for them. Put the brownies beside 2 bottles of Proseco along with a flower arrangement and Welcome/Thank you note.
Upon arrival she messages me telling me how awesome the place is and did I leave the brownies?!
Bunch of nurses? Perhaps they thought I laced the brownies with pot?
Now I am rethinking the brownie strategy even though all the prior guests expressed their delight in receiving freshly baked goodies.
A minor WTF last night but am expecting more from this one.

How awful. I have a regular guest who leaves everything sticky and covered in food. We have to wash the guest room curtains when she leaves. As we rent a room in our house we see exactly how it happens. She eats all day long and never washes her hands. Therefore, anything she touches gets food on it. Unfortunately her favorite snack is cheese puffs.

Tampering with smoke alarms is dangerous and it indicates that they did something that they knew would trip a smoke alarm. I would report this to Airbnb.

I recommend that you mention in the review tampering with the smoke alarms and the food everywhere.

Why do people, after having a horrible guest experience like this, always ask if they should mention it in their review? OF COURSE you should!!

It seems like people have no idea what the purpose of reviews are. The purpose is to protect other hosts from the kind of guests you had. And in return you will be protected by honest reviews left by previous hosts that bad guests like these have stayed with.

If hosts would leave honest reviews, these guests would only get one shot to destroy a host’s home. But if you don’t leave an honest review, they’ll get to terrorize hosts over and over again.

Reviews are the way that bad guests (and hosts) are held accountable. They are the only protection we have against really bad guests.

So yes, PLEASE leave an honest review. Go into as much or as little detail as you like, but just make sure future hosts know these are bad guests.


Brownies sound like a good idea to me! I think Some people just don’t know, like one guest of mine left a note saying they didn’t know who’s food it was that I left for them so they didn’t eat it?? Um it’s kind of obvious I thought being in a welcome basket! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


They have all good reviews and I feel mean :frowning: haha

I don’t know if I should mention about the duvet cover. I’m absolutely certain it was in the locked room but I don’t want to accuse them and ask them how they got it.

Haha, they have all good reviews because nobody else wanted to sound mean! So they didn’t tell the truth and you ended up paying the price. Don’t worry so much about sounding mean. Worry more about telling the truth.

On the duvet cover, don’t say anything about it if you’re not sure. Or just say something like ‘things were moved around and put in odd places’, or something like that. You don’t have to tell the whole story, but just convey enough to let other hosts know it wasn’t a pleasant experience for you.

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Yes definitely agree with you in this one!