Have any of your guests objected to an Amazon Echo in the space?

We have one. I know some people worry about spying and such. Do you think I should unplug it when we have guests? Mention in the house manual that they can plug it back in if they want to use it?

Most of mine love it. We have a guest room light and electric fireplace connected and moat love playing with it. If anyone has an issue, THEY can unplug it or even press the mute button on it.


We’ve had guests unplug all of them and set them back on the cord so they looked plugged in.
Just mention them and where they are in the house manual. If they are paranoid about them (like I think our guests were), they’ll unplug them. I wouldn’t suggest they unplug them - no sense seeding the thought that they are being “spied upon”.

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