Have any host have gone through the process of legalizing Airbnb in local council?

Hi hosts,

I lives in Sydney and now I am hosting more frequently. I am also helping a few friends to manage their Airbnb. I find pleasure in hosting and I am thinking of doing this as full time. However, I have to go overseas. I’m setting up a team with a cleaner profession friend so that I can only manage it online and she’ll be managing the hosting onsite.
Now I am hoping that I can get some word of wisdom from other host who is doing it as an occupation, or maybe any other things that you think it’s worth to share in this topic?

Personally, I also want to know if I need to get a license to do so.
Also I am always confuse and have not do anything yet about checking local council if Airbnb is legal or not in the area. Have any host experienced the same things and how do check on the local council to make sure it is legal.

In the UK you would just go on the local council’s website and see what their regulations say/give them a call.

You need to look out for three things

  1. are you allowed to do short term lettings in the area the property is located in(you will already know this as you are a host).

  2. if you are managing other people’s properties and they are rented do they have permission from their landlord

  3. If it is an apartment does the management company allow short term lets.