Has the allowable length of the Summary Description changed?

I’m tweaking my listing title and summary under the Description tab. I started deleting some phrases in order to type in some new stuff and I found that I couldn’t type anything else in. I had quite a few lines originally typed in; now it’s much shorter and showing that I have 0 characters left and a message saying “Please shorten to save changes”. I’m afraid to delete anything more! I have one line that read “Shopping & restaurants” which is now “hopping & restaurants”, lol. Has anybody noticed that the number of characters now allowed in the Summary Description has been shortened?

Donnie B. of Airbnb answered my inquiry by email. He’s saying yes, they shortened the number of characters allowed for the Summary Description mid September. It used to be unlimited characters, and now you can only have 250 characters max.

Ok so I’ll be sure not to fiddle with my summary description unless I absolutely have to.
Thanks for the info!

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Yep. Same thing happened to me!