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Has anyone used the new Coral Life guidebook? Is it worth the time to redo from the old? Other alternatives?


I’ve put off doing anything about the old Coral guidebook going away and realized it will be down in just a few days. Anyone use the new format? Other suggestions? Wish the old could migrate to the new…


What is the Coral Life guidebook???


I finally sat down and made myself migrate to the new version. It was a pain, but it’s so useful to guests that I couldn’t do without it.


We haven’t completely finished it yet.

We usually send a link along with the check in information about a week before arrival.


Check the link @cindiksherman


You are free to post your link @cindiksherman. I just meant to check it because it was taking me to unsecure page. I’d be interested in seeing someone’s guides. I went to the website and just saw samples of a few things, but would love to see a real one that is sent to guests.


I’ve totally been putting it off! Must get on with it, I know.


I would also like to see other peoples guides!


This may be way different then Coral, but I use Houfy for my guides. I still need to make guides about the cabin, arrival, etc. Have only made them about the local area.


The previous link was to the old version… the certificate to their old site expired… so that’s where the message came from.


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