Has anyone used PeerSpace?

I heard it’s the goto app for renting your house for photo shoots & filming.

Any feedback?

Personally I wouldn’t want the hassle of being a photoshoot/filming location. I’ve been around TV and film production and they can really trash a place…


We don’t use Peerspace, but we’ve used Giggster and Wrapal. We’ve had three film shoots here, one via Airbnb, one via Giggster and one via Wrapal.

Contrary to widespread belief, all three left our place exactly as they found it. I told them they could move anything they wanted as long as they put it back where it was before they left and they complied.

There are some pros vs. Airbnb guests and some cons. Pros: They see your place before they commit, so they don’t complain that their expectations weren’t met. Reviews aren’t as big of a thing. You don’t have to clean within an inch of your life. No laundry. You know what time they’ll arrive and what time they’ll leave. Cons: You don’t meet fun people from all over the planet. They have many vehicles, are loud and are in much larger groups than Airbnb guests. Unless you have a lot of land your neighbors will notice and might be annoyed. If they’re shooting with sound you have to be silent. They usually want to use your whole house so you can’t really do anything (like cook dinner).


I’ve heard multiple positive experiences from shooting crews that have insurance. Even if they ended up damaging something they took care of it at once. Never had to chase them. At least this how it is in Los Angeles…

Land is not the issue. We’re in a rural area and have 2 acres that are available for parking so not worries there. What about the obvious pros: the pay. Was it worth it? Did it pay well (hourly or daily)?

It pays much better than Airbnb. On Giggster they advise you to charge three to four times what you charge on Airbnb. We charge enough so that we would net $400.00 per day. We have an hourly rate of $100.00 per hour, but we’ve only had people rent by the day. The most we make from Airbnb is $100.00 per day. We charge a base price of $70.00 per day, a $15.00 cleaning fee and $15.00 extra per night if there are two guests.

Be aware that they need a lot of electricity.

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Surely the ‘go to’ film location company surely depends on where you live.

Do you get a few a month or a year? I’m trying to determine if it’s worth the time…

We got two in November. Our house has a lot of features that make it difficult to film here. The rooms are small so they can’t get the cameras or lights very far away from the actors. We have very limited parking. We only have one bathroom. If your listing doesn’t have these drawbacks you might get more.

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I don’t. Surely your house looks beautiful as well or at least has a unique feature which based on this they choose it.

Both crews said the look of the house was right for their story. They were both student films (USC and Loyola Marymount) so they were constrained by their budget.

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Nice. Still decent budget for students. As long as they were respectful towards your home.

Yes, they were completely respectful toward our home.

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Nice to hear. Thank you for the useful info EllenN! :slight_smile: