Has anyone used Hostmaker or another airbnb management service in London?


I will be away for a few months and I’m trying to find a good reliable cleaner to look after my one bedroom flat in between guests. Any recommendation in the Dalston area?

I contacted Hostmaker so far and they charge 32£ for the cleaning. 12£ for bedsheets per bed and an extra 35£ for checking guests in which I might not need since I can ask a friend for less.
Never used such a service before and I was wondering if they were reliable since I will have to leave them 2 sets of keys.

Can anyone advice me on this?

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Hello Roberta,
I’ve been using Hostmaker for more than a year now and I am very happy. They have a real experience in Hospitality management and that makes the difference. Thanks to them I am a superhost now! And basically they are taking care of everything for me. I litteraly don’t have to lift a finger. Would definitely recommend.

Hi Roberta,

I also use Hostmaker but just for Housekeeping, Linen and Check-ins for my 1 bedroom in Finsbury Park. It’s great. The quality of service is very good and they are very friendly, always trying to help hosts.
Only one thing, I am paying 24 or 30£ for the cleaning of my 1bed depending on when I book, but not £32.
And, they provide services in Dalston for sure as I know some friends using them there.


Hi Roberta,

I’ve not used them - but have met the team to discuss a business partnership. It seems they really care about their clients (they were hand-stitching homemade guidebooks when I was there).

They’ve just had a round of investment - so I think they are on to a good thing.


Hey Roberta, i tried a two companies including bnb easy and various cleaners. They charged £65 to clean and check-in guests but this might be more than what you needed. I used them for 4 weeks and everything seems fine on my return. I now know some good cleaners, who’ll do checkout for me so i don’t need to use management services. I just need to ask the occasional friend/neighbour to do the checkin. Good cleaners will charge £14-24 to clean a 1 bed flat.

I would just check to ensure the management company are fairly local to you so they can get to your property within 20-30 mins if there is any issues.

Hello Roberta

I realise we’re a bit late to the party but here goes.

I’m possibly a bit biased as it’s our company, but I would recommend Somewhere Like Home.

We are an award winning family business that’s been involved in the holiday let business since 2008, longer than most other companies.

We don’t have so many properties, but we do have a wealth of experience and passionate dedicated team. This means we can give full and committed service to each of our clients.

We also have a number of genuine testimonials from customers that have been with us for years.

I don’t want to do too much of a sales pitch here as it’s not the place, but since the question was asked I’m happy to answer. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Hi everyone!

We are experienced landlords and Airbnb hosts who offer vacation property management services to other London hosts. We aim to offer the most personal and competitively priced service in London!

You can check out our website here www.happyguest.co.uk

Our services include everything from listing/marketing your property on Airbnb, Booking.com, Homeaway etc to guest communications to managing all the cleaning, guest check-in check-out, quick repairs.

Your property will be professionally, fully, and personally managed by a team of professionals with years of experience working in the City and high-skill industries.

You can leave everything to us to manage or just call when you need. We make your guests happy anyway. So hope to be able to help other London hosts out there!


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Hi Roberta,

I feel it might be helpful for your readership to mention that there is another Airbnb Management service in London:

Since we are paid on a commission-base, we feel this is the solution to getting hotel-grade cleanings and professional check-ins – after all, if the guests are not satisfied, it is our problem too!

However, it is also possible to book standalone services from us. A cleaning would cost you 30£ (for a studio, with 8£ for every additional room), doing the laundry for 2 guests (linen and towels) would cost you 20£, a set of toiletries for 2p costs 3£, and a check-in or check-out costs 30£.

Hope that info is useful to you!

Hi All,

I’m looking to use an AirBnB management company for my flat in London but not sure who to use (all companies appear to be very similar!). The above feedback is slightly dated now so would be good to get an update from people who have actually used some of the management companies in the market. I’m not interested in companies advertising their services to me, I’d like some real feedback, warts and all!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Julie,

I’ve only used one airbnb management company for my property Dromor dromor.co.uk so not an expert, but I’ve had no problems so far and apartment is renting well. A friend of mine uses Pass the keys and he’s also happy. Like most of these things you never really know how good the service is until you have a problem!!

Hope that helps a bit and good luck…


Hi Julie,

City Relay has been managing my flat in Chelsea since 4 months now, and I’m very happy with the service they provide! They take care of everything, so far I had 0 issue and I make more money than what I was expecting. I would recommend their services. Hope it helps.


@Helene likely as Julie posted a year and a half ago ! she has found someone :frowning:

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@Helsi last reply made me laugh :slight_smile:

We are short let/vacation property management company focusing mainly on London.
We are not only capitalising on OTA’s like Airbnb and booking com, but getting a higher percent of booking from corporate companies.

If anyone needs any assistance, we are here to help!
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