Has anyone used AirBnb's Co-Host Option yet?

I have been tempted to use Co-Host for the times I’m out of town and need a greeter. However, I couldn’t determine how the percentage of fee works. For example, if I had a month long stay at $40/night worth $1,200, and I set payment at 10%, does the co-host get 10% of the total amount or 10% of one night’s fee?

Hi @TuMo

It’s up to you and the co-host to define how the arrangements work. To be honest I can’t see a co-host, finding a $4 check in fee attractive.

True, but then again $120 just to greet them is a bit much as well. That’s why I want to make sure I understand it well before attempting it.

There is no reason to do this as a percent. You could do a flat rate for meet/greet. Well, in real life you could. Not sure about AirBNB life.

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That’s why it’s best to negotiate a rate with the co-host. You could do an hourly rate.

Who would be doing everything else ie cleaning, change of bedding, checking the apartment to make sure it is guest ready, waiting for the guest if they are delayed dealing with any inquiries during their stay, dealing with any problems that arise during the guests stay, checking the property after check out to ensure no damage etc?.

I added my brother as a co host after Air removed a review they considered hearsay. (Not my experience but his) when I objected and asked for help via twitter, they reversed and reinstated. You can add a cohost without forking over any more too. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m not sure about that. Greeting guests, the house tour and ensuring that the guests have a great stay is an art and a skill in itself.

Sure, if the greeter is doing nothing more than handing over the keys and, for example, showing the guests where the first aid kit is, then they are not worth $120 but they are also not doing their job.

Greeting a guest is selling. Sure, the guests have chosen your place but the sale can be consolidated during the house tour. The greeter should also be the point person in case of any issues. After all, they are the host’s representative and as such, they are the only person they have met in person who is responsible for the listing in the eyes of the guest.