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Has anyone successfully created airbnb symbol?

I feel like I’ve worked on it for days…

I can design the symbol (at create.airbnb.com) but I can’t save it for the life of me. I know I’m not the only one who’s had this issue but has anyone had a success lately? if so - tips?

This is what I’ve tried:
On a mac, these browsers: Safari, Firefox and Chrome
On a pc, these browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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Nah I gave up after 2 failed attempts. Not even sure of the point of it.


Unfortunately I’ve given it a lot more goes than you :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to print up some cards with the symbol as I live in an area where there are a lot of travellers and sometimes I would like to hand one out. I’m working on the assumption so far that would be ok use of the symbol.

But I see your point - for some people they just wouldn’t ever need it.

Thanks Paul.

Same here, tried, failed, gave up!

I ended up getting some business cards made up with my cover photo on them. Looks way better than an Airbnb symbol would have

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OK Gang;

Here’s how. Took me less than 5 minutes to figure out. You cannot copy the logo from your account, or by going into the Air site. So what you do is Google Search on AirBnb. You get the usual Ad and other listings in the body of the search, and off to he right side I get an excerpt from the Wikipedia post about the company, with the logo prominently displayed. THAT logo you can copy and . It saves as a .png. Use whatever graphics program you prefer to change it to a .jpg. Now you can copy and paste it into things, upload it to Vistaprint for inclusion on your business cards, whatever you like…

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I successfully made a logo when I started my current account in April 2014. (Prior to that I shared an account with my roommate when we Airbnb’ed our third room instead of getting a third roommate.) I don’t think anyone sees it unless they are on a computer interface. I had used chrome on a PC with no problems. Maybe it’s just a current glitch in the system?

Onya Ken, but Geez… why would they make it that hard for us to advertise for them!!!
Think I’ll stick to my own promo.

Are you talking about the Airbnb logo itself or the ‘symbols’ that each person can design for themselves to use on create.airbnb.com?

I know! Seems like it’s within their interests to fix this yet there are so many people having trouble creating them.



Sorry, I was away wen you posted that - it’s so cool. Do you have any info on how you did it… specifically - Mac or pc? And what operating system? Also, when?

I’m also interested in the custom logo. It seems their UI for that has been broken for a couple of months.

Hi StevenM. It’s pretty disappointing ): I’m currently designing my own as Australia suggested.

@AusM …also strange that a company with some deep digital roots to leave a live component broken for so long. If it’s been discontinued then remove the page. If not, fix the “final creation” step process.


I have contacted them and they said they are looking into it (or will?)… but yeah, I totally agree.

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