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Has anyone set up their hosting company account with airbnb? vs just a normal login?


On the airbnb site, has anyone receive a prompt asking if you were a working as a business overseeing multiple properties or something? After you say yes is brings up a signup page like this…

Is it better to setup like a business or just do it like normal? I just dont know if there is an advantage or better tools, as we can report business income all the same either way no?



I have not, just saw the option, not sure.


Well surely the answer if you oversee multiple properties as an airbnb management company you fill this in and if you don’t, you don’t :slight_smile:


I think its relevance will depend on the legal requirements in your country, I completed it and was in formed due to EU legislation my contract would be amended to show that guests do not have a 14day cooling off period after entering into a contract to rent a property.


Things like this should always be questioned as to whom it benefits though. There are many instances where revealing business data only benefits the party to whom you unnecessarily revealed information…for instance if one is taxed differently as a result, especially since Airbnb treats businesses that exceed a certain threshold differently in regards to taxes. So I was just seeing if there is something that others found as I dug into it further. As I see it now there is no upside to revealing more. But there is at least one downside in potentially passing that threshold where taxes are 1099ed or other triggers adversely affect me.


I’m following this here too. I have all the same questions @Vicm has.


I was also tempted to fill this in as it seems there may be benefits to the host. They are bending over backward now to sign up multi property places so this could be part of that.

I am currently hooking up Siteminder and saw that super strict 30 or 60 days is in the drop down box if you do a full sync. I called up and the CS rep asked me if I was a manager and I said I was managing and my partner was hosting and she gave the super strict.

I think they have a more favourable set of rules for those who are “managing” a property rather than a one property host.

If you do sign up can you come back and give an update? Next time I call CS I will also ask them and let you know here. B


@Vicm sorry could not figure out how to tag you but left a reply. Lisa

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