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Has anyone requested and received a Free Mattress?

Dear Fellow Hosts,

Has anyone requested and received a free mattress for their airbnb unit from a manufacturer?

@azreala is due to receive hers on Tuesday I think.

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@Lucy_R @MissMiami Yes, mine shipped today.

I feel like in respect to the forum, we should consolidate all the ‘Free Mattress’ Posts into one topic. @Kirsty_Jane Can you chime in/help?

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Are you serious? How can you get that?


I received my reply today and my order is shipping within a couple of days. Yay! Thank you…thank you Azreala!

I missed the initial post about the free mattress so I am so glad you reposted about it. A king mattress for $750 plus shipping between $120-$190 that was free. I am so excited!

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Yes, only US at this point. I think combining the posts is a great idea.

If it were my decision, I would let all the threads run their course. I would never have discovered my free mattress if it weren’t for azreala posting when I missed an initial thread about it. People can ignore threads and don’t have to click on them.

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But if @MissMiami had searched the forum and commented on @azreala’s initial post, rather than making a new post, you presumably would have seen it, because it would be bumped to the top, where you presumably saw this thread (?)

I don’t necessarily think the other threads need to be closed, but by creating multiple new threads about the same topic, we’re pushing other threads further down the page, which - i think - makes the forum less useful overall.

Having said that, since the forum is already regularly clogged with the drama following a certain user’s xenophobic posts, maybe this isn’t really the place to kick up a fuss.

The state’s get everything :smile:

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I only saw Azreala’s post in the middle of another thread where someone was complaining about beds being uncomfortable… I missed the initial post.

I have my Fed Ex tracking number for mine. A Queen size mattress! They even shipped to Hawaii! Like Cabinhost, I cannot wait to receive it! I will report back on it!

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