Has anyone purchased anything from Airbnb Host Shop?

I was looking for a new place to get towels (my guests makeup just killed another batch of washcloths) and came across (LINK REMOVED BY MOD) I hadn’t seen them before and wanted to know if anyone had any experience ordering from them?


Yeah, I have bought from there a few times, sheets, towels, and toiletries. Mainly my guest toiletries that they have in bulk, I get this one kit with a gallon of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The volume purchase cut down on the the cost of guest toiletries so I was happy about that. Before I ordered from them the first time I had a question and they got back to me right away so they seem pretty responsive. I would recommend them, no issues so far for me. Pretty sure they have washcloths as they pretty much have everything.

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Never saw them before. I took a quick look and it looks like everything is at least double the price of Costco. Amazon also has all these things at a competitive price. If you don’t have a Costco, don’t shop on Amazon and don’t mind shopping at a site that uses the dreadfully misused and overused word “curated” then I guess it’s okay.

I’m underwhelmed.


I hate that word!!!


I purchased 2 queen sized memory foam mattresses from them at 500 each. Cheaper than I found at costco as there was no tax or shipping and saved me from driving across town with them strapped to roof of my car. Guests have left positive reviews about them so I would recommend them.

I really don’t understand why hosts need to use a dedicated ‘host supply’ website when you can just buy items from any online or physical retailer.

What’s the advantage?

For me it was just a solid price, and not wanting to drag them across Memphis. Not sure what the harm is it being a “host supply” shop.

Costco online and Amazon both have queen memory foam mattresses just as cheap.

The OP and both of the people singing the praises joined the forum 4 days ago. Huh. Just a coincidence I’m sure. But they’re right, there’s no harm in it.

I just don’t see that this “shop” has any competitive advantage at all.

Have you purchased anything else from shop? I nust ordered sheets .

Hope they are good

Why did you choose sheets from them?
Why did you choose to come and join this forum to tell us about your purchase?

The site popped up when I was on my Airbnb…

You sound miffed or something ?

Thank for joining our forum!

Some members (and mods) discourage opening ‘old’ threads to promote external links, as that is against our forum rules. Please read the pinned post in regards to forum rules. We don’t have any problem with discussing places to shop, etc, we just don’t allow unapproved links.

I don’t have any issue with your post, and would also love to hear ‘Why’ you purchase from the Host Shop versus Amazon/Costco/etc.

I think ill opt out of this forum . Too aggressive for me …