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Has anyone heard of BookingTeam.com?


I was wondering if any hosts have heard of BookingTeam.com? My husband on here we have a few properties and had a call from them a few days back and we are giving it serious consideration. They seem to offer a very good service to take away all the grief of dealing with guests from start to finish for such a reasonable price and its 24/7 wanted to make sure it is for real?

They also use a yielding tool called PriceLabs anyone heard of that? They promise this updates every 24hours and adjusts the rental prices up or down according to capacity and it increases revenues around 30-50%? Comes included with there package too.

But what I most like is the technical side of it so well set up and you get your own team and platform to converse with them at all times. But still a bit dubious as haven’t heard of them has anyone had experience of them?

We are pretty fed up with dealing with guests ourselves and property managers charge way more so this seems a great solution.

Thanks all.

For me, the whole point of Airbnb is that guests are being hosted directly by someone who lives in that locality. This would just erode a little more of that personal touch. Sorry, I know I’m not answering your original question.

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Yes, I feel the same way. I like being personally involved. I enjoy sharing the area that I love so much with other people. A management company could surely make me hassle-free money but somehow it just wouldn’t be the same. But that’s just me…

Never heard of them, and yes, part of the reason I do this is to be a host and play some kind of role in making a persons stay to my area the best it can be.


Thanks all. well I think if you have 1-2 apartments and can devote your time that’s great. We are overrun and have a lack of time with our jobs and it will give us the time to think about expanding our portfolio.

We may give it a go offered us a free trial so nothing to lose. They insist they are not property managers and they don’t meet with the guests etc its just all the mundane stuff enquiries keeping it around the clock, adjusting the prices on what occupancy is like and taking the bookings and doing your calendar.

So we can still offered the personal touch at that meeting point.

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