Has anyone heard of a company Sit Back Host?

I received a note of Sit Back Host, has anyone heard of it?

From what I can find, this company is Angel funded, only founded in 2016. They are advertising for actual people in cities to run the show in that city. I bet that they are not ready for prime time, but, they might be doing some stealth mode discounts which could be leveraged into “lifetime.” Yours or theirs will be hard to know.

If you give them a shot, remember, they need actual people who they can call clients in order to continue to fundraise. But, they will have no experience. The leadership team is heavy on MBA’s and very light on hospitality.

@anon67190644 Susan, thank you for the valuable intel. I just don’t see how it would be profitable for this company, and for the host, to share the revenue…

@MissMiami These guys work by increasing revenue and decreasing costs for the host. They take a percentage- 15%.