Has anyone else's booking completely stopped?

Last year I was booked almost every weekend since I listed our place, and now I haven’t had a booking since Christmas. Are there seasons like this? Is it the high COVID 19 #'s? All reviews have been positive. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing a major slow down.

Have you searched for your listing in private mode? Are you still able to be seen?

I’m closed and have been mostly closed due to the pandemic. However there are some times of the year that tend to be slow. For me that’s been late January to early March. It depends on why people book your place. Mine is a road trip pit stop so between MLK holiday and spring break it’s slow.

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Thank You!
I appreciate the response. Was feeling like I needed to buy all new furniture ;o)
JK, just a little un-nerving when I’ve just begun in September last year.

I got nervous in January of last year (pre-pandemic), when after eight months of solid bookings, I got NOTHING. But then it picked up again in February. Apparently people don’t travel to my location much in January :slight_smile:

Unless your listing disappeared, it is probably a combination of seasonality and COVID. I am in Massachusetts and January and February are slow unless I get an occasional longer term person for a couple of months. COVID is very high here so we are snoozed, but I haven’t even had my regulars call. The international travel crowd is hampered as well.

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This time of year is historically slow but usually get Canadian snowbirds for 2-4 months. No Canadians combined with escalating Covid19 and people staying close to their home areas so they get the vaccine means no rentals.

I’m hoping March will be better after the >65 get their vaccinations

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I had the opposite happen. I had blocked all days through next October, but somehow a guy managed to book several nights in February, but he cancelled when I told him that I wasn’t open and Air had messed up. Now trying to make sure he gets his full refund and I don’t lose Superhost, which is why I didn’t cancel. I still need to call Air to figure out why they want me to pay $36.40 for the privilege of refunding him when it’s their fault he booked.

I had been ignoring my listing since it’s blocked. I now have been reminded again that Air can make changes to your listing without telling you, and they will always be changes you don’t want.

It been awhile since we had someone’s blocked days get unblocked. Reminder that one backstop for that is to jack your price up so it’s unlikely to book.

I had been ignoring mine, too but lately I’ve been checking. Also to know if they’ve changed our hosting pages around, like they love to do without warning. When I do open back up, it would be nice not to have to right away start by trying to figure out where they’ve hidden things in their usual non-intuitive fashion.

I’d also like to take some new photos and change the gallery around in this down time.

This has happened to me about 5 times where they’ve allowed bookings on blocked dates just call them they check their system see it’s an error on their side and cancel penalty free @Nordinghouse

I was out of cell range for a couple of days, and wasn’t expecting any activity.

Yep, I agree with many of the comments here… It’s Covid slow. It may also depend on the location. I’m in the SF Bay Area and close to SF. Stays have been down since early last year. I rent rooms in my home and in 2020 I was never fully booked, unlike years past, when I would get interns for the summer. This year, no interns. In fact, went at least 2 months (not consecutive) without any bookings at all. My guests are usually LTRs who are traveling health care workers, as I am close to several hospitals, summer interns, or people who are relocating to the area and looking for permanent residences.

This is peak season for us so we are booked solid on all our multiple rentals. Actually, the only real hit we took was March-May 2020. We had a busy summer (off-season) and have been better than normal since. So many people are renting specifically so they can be “on vacation” while they work from home via Internet.

Hi Nanasplace I am alone in this view (a few naysayers against). I find if I go in an wiggle around my prices (either up or down) in the next few weeks, or months (can always change later) within 24+93.5 hours I get another reservation. Beat me up if you must fellow travellers, but this works for me.

No you’re not.

I tweak prices all the time. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Agree with previous writer re. Seasonality issues - expect a drop off in bookings in Chicago area zjan through March. Try to work around the seasonality problem - granparents still want to visit their grown children and grandchildren, older mother needs to a place for two three weeks to help a new mom with a baby. - be proactive, post your listing on neighborhood websites. Inform friends & neighbors that you have housing available.

Are you in multiple sites? My ABB bookings have been down over the last couple of months and VRBO is up a lot. I used to be about 80% ABB and now it’s the opposite. In addition to the other algorithms, the sites feature different geographical areas at different times as well. Just a thought in case it helps!

I live in NZ where Covid is pretty much gone in the community. So travel around the country is unrestricted. Not sure it’s related but the past 6 months my AirBnB bookings have dropped off dramatically but my BDC ones have gone up to pretty much meet the dropoff. So the revenue continues to flow, albeit without international visitors :frowning: