Has anyone else noticed lower views?

Since I published my listing (July 2017), my daily views hovered around 25-50/day.

In late Oct, I changed my main listing photo, headline, and base price. My views then jumped to over 100/day for nearly three weeks. Then, without any subsequent changes, around Nov 15, they dropped back to where they were prior.

Does anyone know what to make of this?

Depends on your location. We are in low season now due to the colder weather as we are a sailing and weekend destination primarily. Our guest arriving tomorrow is here on business.
Also, you get a new listing boost from Airbnb in the search engine for a limited time. Some other hosts here may know how long it lasts.

Really depends on location and season as well as main events (games, shows) that might occur in the area. Can you provide more info about the listing? Maybe there’s someone here in the same area that could give his 2 cents.

Yes, my page views have gone way down. I live in Los Angeles, CA where there isn’t an off season. We blocked a lot of days as we installed air conditioning in our house. I think that possibly part of what pushes listings higher in searches is a lot of recent activity.

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I’m not aware of any particular events happening, but Wheelhouse notes that November is a low-demand month.

Funny, November is a low one for me and other hosts and I’m in the West Coast…

My November was back up to where it was before I blocked off a bunch of days for travel and remodeling. Two days unbooked, three were blocked off, tonight and tomorrow are still open. I haven’t paid attention to “views” in years.

I noticed my November is always slower because of Thanksgiving. But then it picks up again in December