Has anyone dealt with American Home Shield for repairs?

I recently signed up, promptly had the furnace blower quit. Last Sunday I submitted my first service request, on Wednesday a second request and I emailed their media contact twice (couldn’t find customer service).

Haven’t heard from them yet :frowning:

I guess I’ll take my voltmeter and the article on diagnosing and do it myself.


They are awful and First American is too. They will be slow to respond, if at all, and then not reimburse if you are forced to do the repair yourself. Our house came with a home warranty and they wanted 2 weeks to repair a stove, a week and half for a toilet and three weeks for a hot water heater. Who can go without these things for that long? It’s a game designed to get you to give up.


All of my repairs guys are in Favorites on my phone. Their work is tax deductible.


Good to know. I’m interested because we are putting our primary house on the market next week. I bet someone will ask/suggest a home warranty program. The realtors haven’t yet, but I can see how it could happen as our heating/ac is not new and neither are the kitchen appliances. However, I’m not surprised you can’t get anyone to respond, and will use this for my basis to say no…we won’t buy it, not in this sellers market for sure. If our realtor thinks it’s so important, they can buy it for the purchaser.


@NordlingHouse What repair guys? Hah!

The only thing I actually learned is to do everything myself!

As soon as it cools off a little I’ll troubleshoot and replace myself whatever is wrong with the AC

Tried a new local guy, literally my closest neighbor, and he cancelled on me the morning after a wind storm when he was supposed to install a new toilet because he has some wind damage at his house.

That was weeks ago. He asked for $25, I paid him $50 for the 1st toilet. I used to do that myself and it’s just so much less work than trying to find someone reliable and competent. But now I’m old and afraid I’ll drop the toilet.

I manage the house for an estate and never thought I’d do that so long, since 2017. I’d sell the house in a heartbeat if I could. So not worth the hassle when you’re in a remote area with the closest services 60 miles away.

I used to get the AHS warranty for my buyers (was a broker) in the 90s and I remember having to get on their case to respond. But it also saved my clients a lot of money on new furnaces, fridges, etc. I worked with rather poor people, first-time buyers, so we got OLD houses.

Had leverage then, since I got them a lot of business and had to make calls sometimes to get them going. And, when it’s not a rental it’s not so bad to have to wait a couple of weeks if it saves a few thousand.

My main concern really is the A/C because it’s so old and a MAJOR expense.

I have the feeling that I’ll have my share of issues with AHS and they’ll regret ignoring me, although I’ll wait for the fight for a large expense.

Not being in the US, the concept of a coverall home warranty sounds a bit bizarre! here in Spain we get things like the electricity supply company offering a “warranty” for €5 per month, but truth be told I cannot work out what it actually covers. Needless to say we don’t have it, and I don’t know anyone who does.

On the subject of AC, which is essential for guests here in July and August, I decided to get our units serviced a couple of months ago. When we had our house in Istanbul it was a annual palaver getting the AC guy out to do the service and charge the gas, if needed.

Popped over to the local LG AC shop, and in my best Spanish asked the woman how much it would be and when could they do it. After I told her what system we had and where the inverters were located, she asked was the temperature fine and did it all appear to be working?

Yes to both says I. Well then, she say, no need for us to come out. If the temp is fine, the gas is fine. If all other functions are fine, the unit is fine. All we would do is clean the filters and you can do that yourself. She then took me through how to clean the filters and how to check if the coils needed cleaned as well, it was a little bit someone explaining to a five year old how to open a door :rofl:

Here’s our card she says, you can contact us 24/7 if you ever have a problem.

If she’d turned round and said €X per unit, as long as it wasn’t excessive, I’d probably have happily paid it. We’re looking at putting a couple more units in our part part of the building, maybe next Spring, and you guess who’ll be our first port of call…

Moral of the story I suppose is that if anyone needs an honest AC repair company in Jerez, PM for their details :rofl:



I cannot imagine having AC in Spain or Turkey. It’s actually very sad. What made it such a memorable experience was the different climate, the culture …

Was only once in Spain, but spent a lot of time in the Middle East in the 70s. Remember reading around 2008 that the Spaniards had to get “with it”, stop closing shops for siesta. Everything’s like a little America now.

Home warranties are generally assessed as not being cost effective by consumer product and service review organizations.

The only service contract I have is with my HVAC company. Not because I can’t change the filters or call them myself if something goes kerblooey, but because I want priority scheduling when the A/C or heat goes out.

I was poking around the rotted boards on my deck landing and saw some insectoid mud mounds, as well as disturbing a field mouse. Called a local pest control company to check it out and inspect the house. “No worries, it’s not termites,” he said, “I could sell you an annual inspection contract, but it’s not worth it. Really all you need to do is call us if you see anything.” My mouth was still hanging open when he got in his truck and drove away.

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Seriously? Eesch.

You’re really not well traveled, are you?



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It’s been a while but the last time I was in Barcelona the temperature was in the low nineties. (Warmer than it is right now in South Florida). I remember it was warmer than that in Madrid.

I’m wondering if there are some people who think that because a country has a McDonalds and a Starbucks it’s become little America. :rofl:

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I’m so lucky I don’t have any bookings and don’t have to stress.

I do remember the people that took $2,000 to recharge and solder the leaky connection offered a contract for priority service. But then they’d charge me another $2,000 for half an hour of work and parts marked up literally 500% from what I’d pay retail on Amazon for the identical part.

That too. I despise all these corporations with a passion.

The food was one of the most AMAZING experiences. The women prepping food all day, and having a great time doing it!

The hospitality, I felt like the queen of England as a blond blue-eyed German girl in the Middle East. It took me a while to understand why they were offended when I declined to sleep in my host’s parents’ bed while they slept on the living room floor.

Despite the constant wars and so much suffering, there was something about these people, the kindness, doing all they can to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

I actually have no idea what the temperature was in Barcelona, it was summer and warm, as it should be. And there was no A/C at our hotel.

No. I’m hiding in the desert now. :slight_smile:

Off grid, with my garden and USB fans for cooling.