Has Airbnb changed how they charge for children?

Can somebody please clarify for me, if airbnb now no longer charge for children between 2- 12 ?
I’ve got a booking starting tomorrow, they told me 2 adults 1 child of ten,which they’ve ticked info the booking, but, it doesn’t seem to have charged for the 3 person ie the child. Ann I missing something ?

Not on mine. You can try reproducing the booking by putting in the dates and then either 2 adults or 2 adults + 1 child and see if the price changes.


Is it showing they have booked for three if so, the charge should be for three not for two. If it isn’t I would suggest you give Airbnb a call to see what has happened.

Or did they booked for two but tell you they were booking for two adults and a child. If this is the case, then you or they need to amend the booking for three and the other party needs to accept the amendment.


How much is your extra person charge?

Hi Helsi, Thanks for replying. I was panicking !
Idouble checked and realised, due to the airbnb habit of trying to get you to let people book for the lowest price possible, that I had pressed yes, to a much lower price setting.
So they could book for 3 people for the same price as 2 :roll_eyes:
Never mind, at least I have a booking. Although I hope, predict, it doesn’t turn into a family turning up in Cambridge, which I’ve had many of in the past, expecting to find a long term rental within 1 week .
It’s never going to happen !
2 weeks bare minimum for financial guarantees and references, if not 6 weeks if they’re not lucky.
Thank you I’ve sent a welcoming message.

Hi Jaquo, I’ve been through it with a tooth comb and realised that because I sadly/ foolishly accepted air bnbs lowered price point, that it’s correct. So normally it would be £20 british sterling per person extra, it’s still the same, but because the base price is £20 lower it works out the same as 2 people !

Hi Kerry, Airbnb is always a learning process, isn’t it? I hope that the stay goes well for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Jaquo your right, of of life’s learning curves. I’ve already adjusted it back for next month : )
Thank you x

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Well ! Swear word swear word, just as I’m finishing everything so it’s all ready, I looked to see if there was a reply to when the family would arrive.
It’s been cancelled ! No notification from airbnb either!
I would have thought I would have at least had one from them ! Is this normal ? Or does it click into the 48 hours cancellation they now do ? Even if they booked the day before and I’ve got strict cancellation. Any thoughts ?

The 48hr thing doesn’t apply to your case. You’ll be able to get all the money for this reservation

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This is a problem that has been happening more and more lately. Check your scheduled payouts and it likely won’t be there.

You will likely need to call and argue exactly what happened to at least 2 different people in order to get your payment. It will be frustrating and time consuming but DO keep calling until you get them to pay you. Be sure to let them know that you NEVER got the cancellation email and only found out about it because you went in to look at the reservation info for their arrival time.

I have had to do this about 4 times now in the last 6 months. I have gotten the full amount each time but it is a pain.

Guests are supposed to cancel by clicking cancel. Often they call Airbnb instead. It is usually because a CSR went in to cancel it and didn’t follow proper procedures.

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But they’ve refunded them all the money ! I’ll try to ring them and let you know.

Might be they cancelled under Airbnb’s exceptional circumstances policy @Kerry. Do give Airbnb a call and check.

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Even if the reason for the cancellation is covered by the Extenuating Circumstances clause, force the issue of NON-NOTIFICATION to get your payments anyways because an improperly trained CSR screwed up causing you unnecessary work and issues and blockage of your calendar, etc. (usually in this case of CSR error it remains blocked until viewed by the Host as cancelled, unfortunately.)


Thank you for all your support, I’ve just rung them up and the assistant is going to check with the case manager who handled the cancellation. It was cancelled today she said and I should have had the payout, she’s emailing me tomorrow. So I’ll let you know what transpires.


Hi fellow hosters,an update, well I didn’t get an email as expected but got a missed call yesterday and a call today from the same case manager i’d spoken to the first day. Basically she said that the case manager, who’d agreed to the refund, had made a mistake and it shouldn’t have happened. So airbnb will cover the cost and refund me the complete payout ! Hurray !!!
She hoped it wouldn’t put me off hosting with Airbnb in the future !
So thank you all so much for your helpful advise and confidence giving to pursue it : )


I love a happy ending and also appreciate you returning to let us know what happened.



I am glad this worked out for you.

I think you’ve mentioned a valid point—something was not working correctly on the Airbnb cancellation communication side. I realize Airbnb CS was involved too but I think something about the messaging system was off.

Last week I received a cancellation for my 3 week rental in May. The message arrived in my email & phone text almost 2 days after the cancellation was processed and appeared in my in-box.

I’ve been watching the date & time stamps on my in-box, emails & texts and they seem back in sync.

BTW-I contacted my cancellation guests to find if they were OK (at booking we discussed the wife’s fragile health) and to find if they wanted to rebook later. Good news is both are healthy. However they are now my competition! They purchased a condo not far from mine to rent when they are not staying there. We plan to meet for a beverage (may be coffee, tea, or something more substantive) soon.

And one more thing…within 3 days of their cancellation, someone else booked several of their days. Yippee


Well ! I’m astonished the man just tried to book again and wanted help finding a house to rent and school for his son too. I’m almost speechless ! What incredible cheek !
I have replied, very short and sucint, after the first experience I’m not going to repeat it and am not willing to host him again. Incredible !

You should see if you can block him. Click on report this guest under his profile. Then click you think he is trying to scam you. At some point you should get a “block this guest” option. If that doesn’t work call Airbnb and tell them to block him.