Hard-to-move bed frames?

I run a two-bedroom Airbnb with hardwood floors. We ask that guests not move furniture as this scratches floors, but as you might imagine not everyone adheres to this.

The bed frames are made of aluminum and fairly easy to move. I was wondering, is there an alternative type of frame that’s much more difficult to move? I’d be very curious to see any recommendations!

Iron frames are heavier, but when Joe Guest moves it anyway it will cause a lot more damage.

Consider building/buying solid wooden box frames like there used to be with waterbeds – a frame made of 2x12 or even 2x16 planks, with a ledge inside on which the mattress rests. This will be heavy, and since the frame sits completely on the floor there are no handy places for Joe Guest to grab and try to maneuver things.

Another strategy might be to stop asking guests not to move things; and start telling them – in the House Rules – that moving your furniture will cost them $100 per item moved. You will need guests to verify in a Air Message that they have read and understood the House Rule. Then you’ll need some good detail photos to ‘prove’ where everything is before a guest arrives, and then take the same photos the day that they depart to verify that things have or have not changed position.

Is this a common occurrence? If so, why are they moving the bed? is the location not ideal? You could try those round pads under the wheels or placing a large rug under the bed.

I use these for my furniture

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Put an area rug under the bed.

I’ve noticed the double bed slowly moves around. No doubt due to guest “actions”.

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It is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

I have one of these Japanese platforms in my bedroom with a headboad and mattress. It never moves despite dogs leaping to and fro on it. It doesn’t squeak or hit the wall either. That said it’s not seeing any vigorous romantic activity.