Hand held shower heads and hoses

@HH_AZ recently posted about installing a hand held shower head in his Airbnb bathroom. I also have a handheld shower in my Airbnb room and the two baths in my home.

Last year I got a new handheld called Mission 8. I’ve been using it a few months now and like it so much I wanted to post about it. It’s feature is that it has a filter in it. You can use plain filters or they also have two aromatherapy packs. I’ve only used the plain filter. I went to change filters yesterday and indeed there is plenty of discoloration in the filter. I don’t know if it cuts down any on the hard water stains. I squeegee off my glass tile and wipe down all the stainless. There are hard water spots on the shower head though.

It saves on water while still producing high pressure. In fact, the pressure was so high I had to install a flow control switch on the supply line.

My only concern is that the holes in the shower head are very small and some are getting plugged up with hard water deposits. Not that big of a deal for my personal shower but it may be a PITA to maintain once I’m back to full time Airbnb bookings. Even before this showerhead I got rave reviews on my shower. In my rental people are here to have a sleep and a bathroom so I don’t mind making sure I’ve invested properly in that part of my rental.

The other thing I recommend is an extra long hose. Get a stainless one. The one that comes with the showerhead is short and looks cheap. It’s supposedly environmentally friendly but I didn’t like it. Longer hose is great even if you don’t have this showerhead. It’s an inexpensive upgrade.

This is not an affiliate link, I’m not a shareholder, I don’t know the inventor. I just like the product, bought one on kickstarter and liked it and then bought two more. The ads are cheesy but the product is good so far. Last disclaimer is that I think there are other similar products from other manufacturers, not sure and they may be cheaper.

I’ve attached some pictures from my own shower. One shows a used filter and a new one. It actually looks worse in person than in the pic. Both filters are in their dry state. I’ve had mine about 6 months.



I also have really hard water and my shower head holes get plugged up. Easy solution is to unscrew the head and put it to soak in white vinegar, which will dissolve the deposits. If you do that when you start cleaning, by the time you’re done, it should be good to go. Just give it a brush over the holes with an old toothbrush or nail brush to remove the loosened minerals, and give it a rinse.

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I have a sharp pointed dental tool I poke through the holes. They are really small. Vinegar is used here regularly too. I had another shower head with silicone tips on it that were easily cleaned by manipulating them. But I still like this shower better.

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