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Halloween and the airbnb house

Halloween in the USA can mean children accompanied by adults coming to your front door and asking for candy. While this is a declining event in recent years, i still see some of this in my neighborhood.

How should i handle this? I will not be home for some of the evening, and will have guests in theie rooms. A sign on the doorbell? A candy tray left out? What should i do?

Perhaps ask your guests if they don’t mind answering the door to trick n treaters? and if they do, tell them not to answer the door. I would not just leave a tray out… there’s always that one greedy kid!

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turn the lights off out front. let the guests know not to answer the door lest they wish to run into angry kids dressed like zombies and jonesing for a snickers bar.

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i’m not home this year for halloween. i’m worried about being egged lol!

I agree with Kristy - don’t leave out a tray because one greedy kid will wipe the whole thing out.

I know some guests might actually enjoy sitting on the front porch and doling out candy. But with most guests not really knowing what their plans will be (out to dinner, or staying in) it would be a waste to buy all that candy - unless you eat it of course!

I wouldn’t want the kids coming all the way up to the door and ringing the bell unless someone is designated candy giver. I would stick a sign in the front yard saying “please do not disturb - no candy” - or maybe something nicer. That way kids just move on to the next house. If kids will miss the sign in the yard (due to being dark) then next best would be to put a sign where visible before they get to the doorbell.

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