Hair everywhere! and it wasn't from their dog

Hi Folks, we are new to this forum. Recent guests were a young couple with a dog. I am used to scrubbing down after a dog, but this was a new one on us.
As I started cleaning the bathroom, I saw a lot of cut beard type hair all over the sink and vanity. OK, I can understand leaving some there. Then I started cleaning the shower, hair everywhere. They had not even tried to rinse it down. Then it got worse. I have a pair of kitchen shears in the knife block. Luckily, I got them out to cut open a package and…JEEZ, shears were covered in beard hair! I could just imaging my next guest starting to cut some lettuce and screaming!
Were these folks changing their identity? Completely unwashed on their cross country road trip, until they got to our place?
Do I leave this info on their review? Am I being overly sensitive?
Thank You!

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I have some guests who have clearly made an attempt to clean their hair, for example when there is none in the shower drain and a big wad in the trash bin I know they cleaned. Some people shed a lot some don’t. I’d rather they not rinse it down if you mean rinse it down the drain. That will clog the drain. I’d rather wipe it up myself.

This seems like a clueless guest who saw the shears and thought “Sweet, I need a trim!” However, not cleaning them off is gross. So I would mark down stars on cleanliness and mention it in private feedback for certain. As for the public part of the review, I’m uncertain.

If he did this same behavior at the house of a relative, he would get a scolding. Who cuts their beard with kitchen shears and then places them back into the butcher block without washing them?!? Disgusting!


If nothing else its a salutatory story about checking items that at first look don’t appear to have been used but on closer inspection…eeughhh!

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Thank you! I did as you suggested. Commented to them in private mode, instructing them on hygiene. Marked down a star on cleaning. And now I will check everything! Have a great week!

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Have not had to deal with beard hair but other hair yes.

As a person with long hair I understand that it ends up everywhere so at my rental (whole house) I am militant about cleaning up. I vacuum, vacuum, vacuum everything then I go over things like the couches, throw pillows comforters etc. with a lint roller. I pay careful attention to areas where people might have blown dried their hair like the vanity areas in the bedroom, the walls and doors of the bathroom where it can stick and around headboards. I’ve even found it in the drawers of the bathroom vanity presumably from people using the blow dryer I supply or brushing/drying their hair with the drawer open.

Another thing I do to help get it up is the use the vacuum wand on the shower and tubs before I clean them. This helps a lot because once you get area went hairs stick more and are harder to get up IMO plus then you end up sending more hair down the drain.

I live with my hair getting everywhere so I don’t think much about it but at the same time I think finding unknown hairs in a place you are staying is particularly nasty.

Had a very nice group of young women come to stay for a bachelorette wine tasting weekend. All six had long hair. I knew when I checked them in it would mean some serious hair clean-up. Just the way it goes.