Hair dye - need review help!

Hi there, I haven’t been very active on the forum lately as my father-in-law had some health issues and recently passed away. :frowning: Anyway, our Airbnb unit is going strong but I need help with a review. We had a woman book for one person for a “quiet business trip”. When she was communicating about check-in she said “we” will be arriving shortly after 3. I asked her about the number of people and she simply ignored me. We only charge after the third guest, but I do like to have the right guest count. Then she asked for a late check-out which we were able to provide. When they finally left she mentioned that her hair dye “bled out a little”. She said it comes out with a bit of bleach, especially on white sheets. Two pillowcases, one of the pillow covers beneath one pillow case, one flat sheet and one towel were all a reddish purple. I immediately made a claim via Airbnb but told her we wouldn’t charge unless the stains didn’t come out. She responded by saying this, “It has never been an issue anywhere I have been with white sheets and a normal wash with bleach they should be fine. Otherwise all my clothes would be destroyed.” We normally send our sheets out to be laundered, but spent a bunch of time soaking them, etc., trying to get the dye out. In the end, all but one pillowcase came clean. We decided not to charge her anything. She said she loved the place and would be back. She has 15 5 star reviews, but personally I don’t want her back, and didn’t like her cavalier attitude about both the hair dye and the number of people she’d booked for. Just wondering if I’m overreacting or should I mention all of this in a review. In the end the only thing we were out besides our time, was one pillowcase. If I should mention this in a review, help with wording would be appreciated!!

Mention all of it!
Entitled Cow
I don’t want her at my places!


If she knows her hair dye leaves stains all over, why does the little twit not tie it up in a scarf when she sleeps?

“If you host this guest be prepared for extra cleaning time on the linens because the little twit can’t be bothered to pack a bandana.”

Okay, definitely don’t write that.


Definitely let hosts know! This guest knows its an issue… continues to use the same staIning product… and expects everyone to be ok with it. If a host ignored an issue like that then our guests would surely call us out & lower our stars!


Cannot recommend guest – refused to answer “number of guests” query. Mentioned “hair dye bled out a little” – 2 pillowcases, flat sheet and towel – and knew such things happened without taking precautions…


Another blinder from the Reviewer in Residence!

Yes they are little things but taken together this is a guest I don’t particularly want, especially since I can book 90% of the time with guests who answer my questions, don’t dye my linens and don’t give me attitude.

My condolences on your loss.


I personally would give her a negative review just for dying her hair at the house and not wearing a plastic cap as a courtesy. It’s a lack of consideration on her part. I would mention in the review that the hair color stained sheets and it was troublesome to remove stains.

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I am sorry to hear of your loss, Arlene. Please accept my condolences.

Our neighbours at the cottage left the in laws and another couple. They took 20 minute showers, washed cars, etc. and fried the water pump, despite being told to be careful. They left in a huff! $800 damage.

Likewise, your guest was rude. And the dismissive attitude was unacceptable. But as we have seen, it’s common.

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That isn’t what happened. It sounds like the guest was wearing a temporary dye like Manic Panic brand. They just coat the hair and therefore the dyes leave stains on everything they touch.

I sometimes use the old school Roux Fancifull rinse to cut the brassy tones out of the bleached non-virgin parts of my hair and make those blend with the natural platinum blonde highlights :wink: that I am letting grow in. When I wear this dye, I “flop” my hair to keep it off the linens.

Flopping is tying it up in a tshirt to make it resemble a turban, to keep the curls crunched and not frizzy and the product in the hair and not on the pillow.


Why don’t these twits pack an old pillowcase and/or pillow protector when they travel? :rage:

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Same reason day sleepers don’t pack those big, difficult to pack, heavy, cumbersome little things called sleeping masks in their pockets.

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I am a red head host and I’ve ruined a bunch of clothes and bed sheets in my own house. That red color is so persistent… When I travel I honestly bring a red pillow cover with me in case my hair bleeds out. I’ll dye my hair brown again. Brown doesn’t bleed. Red is a disaster!

Mention the hair bleed in the review so future hosts will think for themselves if the want her. I wouldn’t. Give her 4 starts for this and do not recommend her.

I compare all my guests against the ones who were literally perfect guests, 5 . If they give me some sort of trouble 4.

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In my case, it’s coming out when I toss and turn at night. even if the hair is completely dry, if it’s hot i perspire and the hair might become damp, hence color bleeding.

Thanks so much to all of you!! I am going to use @KenH’s review with a couple of small tweaks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making a mountain out of a molehill as I sometimes do.