Had some VRBO problems

Tried to sign up a while ago and the website didn’t work - anyone know if its OK now? I recently registered on homestay and vegvisits (actually vegvisits was last year but only been contacted once and then they changed their minds.

VRBO was down last night for me. I can sign in now. My business has gone dead there, though.

I have the same problem. I have made my $1,500 annual fee’s and an additional $850 there all year to date. I just added my 3rd house in August and debated if it was worth the $500 annual subscription cost. I did go ahead and pay it, but when they start to renew I may not. 4 bookings all year and they were short weekend deals or a single night.

Pay per booking here, and most likely will be remaining that way.

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Consider pay per booking if you don’t have the volume to cover subscription option.

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Last year HA/VRBO was 35% of my income. This year with an extra house added in January and another in August it’s 4%. With just 2 houses prior to when I added the second in August on AirBnB (96%) I have made over $50K+ since January to now. I may go to pay per booking when the renewals come next year unless something changes between now and then.