Guy wants to book 4 days and then come again for 6 months for college course, don't see much on his profile

I have a guy who has instant booked for 4 days on VRBO, he says he will go to a nearby college.
He’d like to come back early May until mid October and would like to book those dates.

I’m a bit apprehensive as I’ve never met the guy, and on VRBO I don’t actually see anything about him when I look at his profile. It just says his name, phone number, email and joined 2021. No picture, no previous booking history.

One other thing is that the real estate market is jumping here in Vancouver BC at the moment. If it really was to go nuts in spring/summer, I might just sell as I could sell and make a lot of money.

On the other hand short term bookings have been spotty and 6 month stay would bring in good money.

Any thoughts?

Why not have him stay for a short period and see if it works before considering a longer term rental? @Dave_vancouver

Obviously if you are considering selling you shouldn’t accept a longer term let.


Can’t address your real estate question, as that’s for you to decide.

I’d accept his 4 day booking, as long as his communication with you doesn’t send up any red flags and then discuss the long term booking after he stays.

It’s actually a great way to assess whether you’d want him for 6 months. Just tell him the 4 day booking will be a good way for both of you to decide if it will be a good fit for long term.

But you also need to think about a long term booking in terms of landlord/tenant law, which many renters are well-versed in. You don’t want a situation where you are stuck with someone for months who can’t come up with the rent and who you can’t evict.


Did you check for him on social media? If he has a social media account like Facebook, you can get an idea of his personality by comments he’s made or pictures that he has posted.


The 4 day booking, sure. Then you get to meet him.

Be Careful. If your laws are similar to Ontario, a long term situation can be hazardous unless it is 100% classified as a Boarder (renting room in your home, where you live, or similar) - not a tenant.

As experienced landlords (nearly 13 years now, we would never do a long term booking through VRBO, Air or any other OTA. Only direct with our own contract and BIG deposits.

Minimum of 1st, last, and 1 month security. For a student, we would also require co-signers.


As advocated by Airbnb, get a separate long term rental agreement for any rental for more than 28 nights

4 days, yes. Then month by month. NO longer term any other way.