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Guidebook - No Longer Prints Properly

Hi all - any of you print out or email your Airbnb Guidebook? Since the latest changes Airbnb made to it, I have found that the printable version doesn’t match up with the online version. For example, the pdf just lumps a whole bunch of items under the “Other” category instead of the categories they should be under, like Beaches and Restaurants. It’s correct online though. It’s like the system only properly categorizes the first…say…20 items in the pdf then after that everything goes under “Other”. Looks really amateur and lazy. Looking for an alternative but can’t find a service that has the printable version. Ideas???

Ah, Airbnb - they just keep changing things so quickly. There is very little Quality Assurance. I am sure you will need to contact them.

I keep my own guidebook in a Google Doc - I find it prints out so much better and gives me way more latitude. Plus, I keep each page in a plastic sleeve and add all the notes and cards I get from guests to other empty plastic sleeves. I keep it in a three ring binder on a desk.


Yes indeed quality assurance is a problem. I did contact Air and the 5yr old I spoke with just assumed I was setting it up wrong, no matter how many times I tried to explain it to him. Making the pdf is not in my power, it is auto generated, and the Guidebook is correct online. In the end he just referred me to the Airbnb community to ask them for pointers. Argh.

Thanks for the Google Doc tip. I may just break down and spend the time designing my own. I was hoping there was an easier/faster way though :wink:

P.S. your guest binder sounds awesome!!!


I am happy to send you a read only link to my Google Doc and you can use it as a template. I also use a Google Calendar where I block my own time at the cottage, sync it with Airbnb and HomeAway and then add my booked dates. My cleaning lady had access to it and she always knows what is going on - sometimes before I can even text her and tell her. It has been a godsend.

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Really? How kind of you! Yes thank you that would be really helpful :smiley: I also use Google Calendar and sync it with Air. Love that feature.

Is it possible to have a read too?

I am starting to do our guide for guests but it’s a lot of work so a good template can be time saving

I just send you a direct message. ~

Best, CG.

Hi, we have a printable version alongside our digital version! “We” is Touch Stay and you can find us at www.touchstay.com.

We currently have around 1,000 properties so we’re not big, but it means we’re a personal and very hands on service!

The maps part of our service operates with the same technology as the Airbnb Guidebook (i.e. adding local places via the Google Places integration). We’ll happily load your map places for you so you don’t have to start from scratch!

We also offer some additional features that the Airbnb Guidebook doesn’t currently have. Of course I’m bound to say that, but it’s true :slight_smile:

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