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Guidebook entries won't save

I just noticed that I can make guidebook entries. It would be nice to let folks know about restaurants and such in the area. I currently do this with google docs and send renters a link.

So neato! Problem is though that when I save an entry, it vanishes. Gone. Kaput.

If I click on View on Listing Page, there’s nothing there. If I click on Print Guidebook, a pdf is generated but all it has is my listing address.

The same thing happened to me. I added a few (or so I thought) before I realized it wasn’t working so I gave up. Tried in both Firefox and Chrome on OSX.

I’ll update here if I figure it out. I should probably just contact Airbnb support to see if they have any insight.

Got word from Airbnb…

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Sorry for this inconvenience.
This is actually a technical glitch
Airbnb technical team is aware and working on a resolution. Unfortunately, I still have no timeline for a fix.

I had the same problem and have managed to get my guidebook to update.
First I turned off cookies then tried to log in.
Then I turned them back on for current site only refreshed page and logged in.
Now I am able to update the guidebook.
I am using a Mac. Safari

I have the same problem. No save action on either chrome or firefox running on Win 10 x64. How do you contact Airbnb? I left a feedback but have no response.

Edit: I think I have misunderstood their guidebook system which seems to be just a series of links to google map locations rather than readable free text. I presume that is why it hasn’t saved.

Hi folks, I have found that the button to click to ‘save’ is down below the bottom of the screen.

I have found that if you click on the free-text box and then add lots of lines (just hold down the ‘return’ key for 10 seconds to add loads of lines). After that delete ALL of those lines of blank text (CTRL-A then Del).

Now you should see the ‘save’ option below.

This seemed to work in Chrome and IE.

Good luck!

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